Dancer Crushed By Screen At Hong Kong Concert Faces Paralysis, Remains In Critical Condition

Dancer Crushed By LED Screen At Hong Kong Concert In Danger Of Paralysis

Following the recent concert in Hong Kong where a video screen fell on top of performers, one dancer has remained in critical condition.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that the dancer, Mo Lee Kai-yin, 27, is in danger of facing paralysis from the neck down.

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Authorities have promised a full investigation and assessment to ensure the safety of concerts in the foreseeable future.

Dancer faces possible paralysis after freak accident at Hong Kong concert

On Thursday (28 Jul), a video screen fell during the concert of popular Cantopop boyband Mirror at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

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Source: hk01 news

Lee was performing onstage with the group when a massive 4 metre by 4 metre screen fell on top of him. He was taken immediately to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, together with another injured dancer, Chang Tsz-fung.

Source: 星島頭條 on Facebook

While Chang was able to leave the hospital on Friday (29 Jul), Lee remains in critical condition.

According to NextShark, the accident “dislocated the third and fourth sections” of Lee’s cervical vertebrae. He is unable to move his limbs, and is in danger of facing paralysis from the neck down, depending on his recovery process. His lungs and head were also reportedly injured.

Source: hk01 news

Though he underwent an 8-hour surgery to stabilise his spine, he remains in critical condition.

Authorities pledge to investigate accident

Hong Kong authorities have launched an investigation to ensure similar accidents won’t occur in the foreseeable future.

Culture Minister Kevin Yeung Yun-hung believes the metal cord holding the screen up snapped, causing it to fall. A task force was launched to investigate the circumstances which led to the tragedy.

Mr Yeung said the inquiry could take weeks. They will also look into improving work arrangements and examining risks to guarantee the safety of performers and attendees for future events.

So far, the identity of the contractor has not been revealed.

Hope victim recovers soon

Regardless of the circumstances which led the video screen to fall down, the fact remains that it is an unfortunate tragedy for the injured victims.

Hopefully, investigations will be able to uncover more details to help prevent similar cases in the future.

We wish Lee a smooth recovery and hope he’ll be able to overcome this horrible tragedy.

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Featured image adapted from hk01 news and 星島頭條 on Facebook.

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