Man Falls From Height On Container Vessel, SCDF Uses Ropes & Pulleys To Rescue Him

SCDF Rescues Injured Man At Container Vessel Using Ropes & Pulleys

Getting into an accident on land is troublesome enough, but the challenge is amplified when it happens out at sea.

Yet, one man avoided a potentially tragic fate thanks to SCDF’s swift response.

On Friday (13 Nov), a man purportedly fell from a hatch while onboard a container vessel, injuring his leg in the process.

Fortunately, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers managed to provide swift medical assistance to the man.

Man injures leg on container vessel

According to SCDF’s Facebook post, two marine specialists were deployed to the container vessel at 12.30pm on Friday (13 Nov). Meanwhile a Heavy Rescue Vessel (HRV) also docked next to the container vessel.

scdf boat container vesselSource

Both rescuers were reportedly cross-trained as Emergency Medical Technicians and were equipped with the necessary rescue and medical equipment.

Shortly after, they found the man who reportedly fell down a hatch and suffered a serious leg injury at the container vessel’s medical bay — he was conscious but unable to move.

To provide him with the medical assistance he needed, the rescuers had to disembark him from the ship.

Injured man transferred to HRV

The two marine specialists and SCDF officers immediately sprung into action.

While the marine specialists carefully secured the injured man onto a stretcher, officers from the HRV arrived at the scene and set up a lowering system comprising ropes and pulleys.

Next, the marine specialists onboard carefully lowered the injured man.

injured man container vesselSource

Due to the winds and waves out in the sea, evacuating him was an arduous challenge.

Despite the challenges, the well-trained officers managed to lower him to the HRV’s deck without any issues.


Injured man receives treatment

However, the rescue operation was far from over.

After being lowered to the deck, the injured man was ferried to Marine South Pier.

There, an SCDF emergency ambulance and crew on standby assisted the injured man. They then evaluated his medical condition and subsequently conveyed him to Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Hope he makes a swift recovery

We’re glad to know that the man was able to receive the medical attention necessary. We hope he makes a swift recovery from this unfortunate accident.

In the meantime, kudos to SCDF for their fast response and smooth operation. We thank these local heroes for their dedication and hard work.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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