Jackie Chan Wants To Give Coronavirus Cure Creator $197,000, Netizens Applaud His Generosity

The coronavirus situation in China grows worse by the day, dampening people’s moods. Many Chinese celebrities have taken to social media to cheer up their fans, providing encouragement with songs, and even monetary donations.

One of the most iconic Chinese actors, Jackie Chan, has been doing his part too.

However, he felt like his efforts weren’t enough, and decided to push people to find a cure.

Jackie Chan took to Chinese mainstream media platform, Weibo, to announce his initiative on Tuesday (4 Feb).

Read his original post below.


Translation of post by Jackie Chan

For those who don’t understand, here’s a loose translation:

“I’ve been extremely moved by the bravery and determination Chinese citizens have shown in battling the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic. It’s been difficult for us all, but it’s our duty to be vigilant during this period.

Whether it’s wearing masks, sourcing for medical supplies, disseminating information, or even singing songs to encourage people, I’m doing everything I can to help the situation. Whatever it is, if it’ll help the country, I’ll do it.

Even then, we can’t win this battle without the help of science. I’m certain that many people like myself want a cure to be developed quickly, so that we can save those already infected.

I have a rather childish idea, but I am offering a S$197,000 (1 million Yuan) reward to anyone who can develop a cure for the coronavirus. Please understand that my intentions are genuine; it’s not about the amount of money. I just don’t want to see the once abundant streets go empty, or for people to miss out on their wonderful lives, all because of this virus taking their lives.

I want to see the flowers bloom in spring, and for our countrymen to march forward in this battle with fervent spirits.”

TLDR, Jackie Chan wants to do more for the situation and he’s offering a $197,000 reward to anyone who successfully finds a cure.

Netizens respond with praise

Jackie Chan’s fans responded with resounding praise. His efforts and message moved them, and inspired them to do their part too.

This comment says “Big brother, I’m from Wuhan. Genuinely thanking you so much!”


Another netizen commented “There’s nothing we Chinese can’t overcome together! Come on 2020!”


This netizen was particularly spirited. “Our hearts are one, and our wills are united. We will win the war. Go Wuhan! Go China!”


Netizens were touched by his gesture of generosity. The Chinese movie star’s encouragement has really made an impact on people’s moods. It looks like the Chinese are ready to power through this difficult period.

How you can help too

Jackie Chan has showed us that you don’t need to be on the frontlines of hospitals to make a difference.

We should all do what we can to help quell the situation, whether it’s via monetary donations, community outreach or just keeping ourselves healthy.

If you want to do more, you can donate to Singapore Red Cross’s “2019 Novel Coronavirus Response” on their website here, or in person at the Red Cross House at Penang Lane.

For a more direct impact on your community, take some inspiration from these kind souls in Punggol.

We hope Singapore’s residents band together to support each other through this outbreak, especially as the virus shows no signs of stopping soon.

Featured image adapted from DreamWorks Wiki and Weibo.