Man Creates Pokémon, Studio Ghibli & Demon Slayer Snow Figures That Light Up At Night

Japanese Artist Toshinyan Creates Pokémon, Studio Ghibli & Demon Slayer Snow Figures

We may not be able to build snowmen in hot and humid Singapore, but some of us have tried it during our trips in cold countries.

While many of us can make large snowballs, one artist is out there to impress.

Japanese artist Toshinyan (@mokomoko_2015) builds snow figures of beloved characters from Pokémon, Studio Ghibli, and Demon Slayer.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate his wonderful creations.

1. Catbus

Studio Ghibli fans will easily recognize Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro which can take passengers to any destination they desire.

catbus snow figure 1Source

Just like the animated character, this version has glowing eyes so it can safely travel at night.

catbus snow figure 2Source

2. Rui

This human-like snowman figure is inspired by spider demon Rui—an antagonist from Japanese anime, Demon Slayer.

demon slayer snow figures 1Source

We’re in awe of the painstaking effort it took to recreate the meticulous details of his face, hair and yukata. Hopefully, this friendlier version won’t attempt to capture or attack you.

demon slayer snow figures 2Source

3. Magikarp

Staying true to its character, the fish Pokémon Magikarp is helplessly lying on the side of the road.

magikarp snow figures 1Source

Those of us who have experienced subzero temperatures can definitely relate. After all, it’s difficult to survive without a reliable heater.

magikarp snow figures 2Source

4. Minions

The popular Minions trio seem to be involved in troublesome shenanigans based on these icy sculptures.

minions snow figures 1Source

At first glance, the trio seems like a life-size replacement for your huggable plushies. But do resist the urge to cuddle them, because you’ll probably catch a cold instead.

minions snow figures 2Source

5. Alcremie

Dessert lovers will be captivated by fairy type Pokémon Alcremie. Since it can produce whipped cream, it’s the perfect companion for those who love creamy cakes and BBTs.


Pokémon Sword and Shield players would know that this powerful adorable creature is also a force to be reckoned with.


6. Gian

Gian from Doraemon may seem like a bully, but deep down he has a big heart.


Although this snowman captures his cold and arrogant personality, we hope he’ll be able to warm up to Nobita someday.


7. Mew

Mew fans can finally meet the mythical legendary Pokémon through this intricate snow figure.


Not only will you find its innocent eyes staring at you, but you can also touch its miniature paws.


Hoping for more majestic snow figures

Japan’s winter season has ended in February, so we’re hoping to see more of Toshinyan frozen masterpieces next year.

We may not be able to travel and see these up close, but we appreciate the effort he made to bring our favourite characters to life.

Besides iconic characters, the artist also has animal-inspired sculptures on his Twitter account (@mokomoko_2015). Do follow him to get regular updates on his wonderful creations.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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