Japanese Grandpa Models Grandson’s Hypebeast Clothes; Gets 98,000 Instagram Fans In 1 Month

Japanese Grandpa Wears High-Fashion Clothes From Supreme, Louis Vuitton, Burberry

When you hear the term “influencer” or “hypebeast icon”, you’ll most likely conjure up an image of pretty young things living the atas life.

How about a Japanese grandpa for a change?

Enter 84-year-old Mr Tetsuya Kudo, from Akita in Japan. He’s here to change the game of your Instagram feed.


Mr Kudo made his debut on 6 May, with a “Coming Soon” teaser photo dressed in, well, not your typical grandpa robes, that’s for sure.

In 1 day, 10,000 people liked his photographed hypebeast lifestyle and clicked “Follow”.


Within a month, he attracted a 98,000-strong following on Instagram. That’s cray cray.

Dressed and photographed by his grandson

According to Buzzfeed, Mr Kudo has his grandson Naoya to thank for this newfound fame and fortune.

Naoya returned home for the Golden Week holidays in Japan. He had so much free time that he decided to dress his grandpa in some of his luxury clothes for fun.

The next thing he knew, pictures of his cool-looking grandpa went viral AF.

A hypebeast outfit for every occasion

Mr Kudo’s got a hypebeast outfit for whatever the need. In the library, to match the tones of the books, he dons a Loewe light brown top and, as a mark of sophistication, a simple checkered pants.


Out gardening, the 84-year-old rakes the soil with pure class — a full Cosmic Wonder suit, a green satin tie, and a round clean-cut hat.


When not reading or gardening, Mr Kudo spends some time by the beach. But never without a smooth, oriental black and white outfit, complete with black Gucci loafers.


They say sharing is caring. In this case, sharing just turned grandpa Kudo into an overnight hypebeast sensation.

So go ahead and introduce your grandpa and grandma to your collection of exotic clothes. As Mr Kudo has shown, style defies age.

Featured image from Instagram.

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