KFC Delivery Offers Dirt Cheap Deals For Fried Chicken Fans

All hail food delivery services.

Ever since they appeared on the scene, they have been a huge hit with convenience-obsessed Singaporeans.

Gone are the days where you have to brave the blistering heat and humidity to get food. Or the sudden torrential downpours that no one seems to be able to predict.

KFC has just decided to put an end to our lunchtime ordeals by offering to deliver life-giving fried chicken right to our doorstep at an even cheaper price.

Lazy lunches? Hell yeah!

10 piece chicken for only $15

KFC rolled out a mid-day booster allowing customers to enjoy 10 pieces of chicken for $15 (U.P. $34), but only if you place your order at the right time.


In other words, you pay merely $1.50 for every piece of finger-lickin’ good chicken.

This is valid every weekday from 2 to 5 pm and limited to only 3 sets per transaction.

8 + 8 bucket for $22

Gather your friends or colleagues for this promo!


With the blessings of Colonel Sanders himself, you can get 8 pieces of Hot and Crispy Tenders and 8 pieces of chicken, all in a bucket for $22.

That amounts to roughly a piece at ~$1.40. Just take our money already.

Midweek Zinger promotion

Another promo gives customers 50% off for their second set of Zinger Box – but on Wednesdays only.


Delivery exclusives

They seem too good to be true, but trust us, they are!

Do note that these promotions are only available for KFC delivery.

We sure know what we’ll be ordering for lunch tomorrow.

KFC Delivery
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