“Extreme” 33°C Heat Caused Spelling Errors At Crazy Rich Asians Premiere

“Extreme Heat” Made Letters Fall Off At Crazy Rich Asians Premiere, Says Warner Bros

By now, you would have seen the embarrassing typos that marred Singapore’s image at the Crazy Rich Asians premiere in Los Angeles this week.

It’s poss ble they made a mistake

The Singapore Tourism Board defended itself from online criticism, saying that it had double checked the red carpet before the premiere.

But what happened after was a force of nature. That’s if you believe film studio Warner Bros, which organised the premiere.

In a statement to The Straits Times, the studio said,

Unfortunately, due to extreme heat that day, some of the lettering on our red carpet wall melted after the event commenced and, in some photography, Singapore appears to be misspelled.  We sincerely apologise for any distress or embarrassment this may have caused.

MustShareNews investigated a little and found that the “extreme heat” Warner Bros referred to was not that extreme by Singaporean standards.

On 7 August, temperatures in Los Angeles hovered between 31°C and 33°C.

Reminds us a bit of this glorious headline:


Highly anticipated film

The incident hasn’t dampened excitement for Crazy Rich AsiansChannel NewsAsia reports that Singaporeans “swarmed” the film’s red carpet premiere.

Big names at the glitzy event include Pierre Png, Fiona Xie and Janice Koh. Janice went local with her outfit as well, dressing up in a black Ong Shunmugam creation.

(from AFP via Channel NewsAsia)

Arguably, the evening’s star was Dolly. No, not Dolly Parton. Dolly from Under One Roof. Yes, Koh Chieng Mun turned up in a Peranakan-inspired number, looking regal and like a Crazy Rich Asian herself.

Critics appear to be in love with the movie as well. Digital media outlet Vox has lauded it as the summer’s “best romantic comedy”. And the film has a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Featured image from Instagram.

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