S’porean Misses Retired Koptiam Uncle Who Made Her Special Coffee

Many stay loyal to local coffee shops because the uncles serve special blends that are customised for their palette.

An uncle hard at work pulling a drink

Unfortunately, not all good things last forever, even kopi.

A Singaporean lady took to Instagram to pay tribute to a kopitiam uncle who has now retired to travel the world.

Do note that the viral post was originally from Aug 2018 and reposted on Instagram by youtiao.help on Tuesday (9 Apr), but it’s a poignant tribute nonetheless.

The story will definitely make you more thankful for your morning meetings with your kopi uncles and aunties.

A special coffee was prepared in secret

An unnamed lady decided to head down to a regular coffee shop to order her usual cuppa.

The auntie at the stall she frequented asked if she wanted her normal order in true heartland fashion,


She replied that she was keen and received the cup. Upon tasting it, she sadly realised that her coffee didn’t taste the same.

The auntie then revealed the truth about the matter — her favourite kopitiam uncle had been making her a “special” coffee after “knowing her preference”, but never charged her extra.


The coffee-lover was absolutely shook.

Hints were there all along

For the longest time, she didn’t know that there was a special blend made for her, but there were hints.

The uncle repeatedly asked her about her preferred ratio of milk and coffee.


But the lady wasn’t the only one who received special treatment. The uncle memorised all of his customer’s preferences.

After asking the staff, she discovered that her favourite coffee uncle had “retired” and gone to “travel the world”.


While she may never taste her special coffee ever again, she hopes that her “best coffee uncle” will have a safe trip and a great retirement.

A+ customer service

They say we should always go the extra mile for our customers, but the uncle went ahead by leaps and bounds.

He created customised coffee blends for each of his customers, which show his absolute dedication to the coffee-making craft.

While we never know what we have until it’s gone, we hope that the uncle returns to Singapore soon, to serve some of his special coffee blends to his local clientele.

Or maybe he could send a list of their preferred coffee and milk ratio, since he memorised it by heart.

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.