Lalamove Driver Crashes Into Road Sign In Bugis, Arrested For Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

Lalamove Driver Crashes Into Road Sign Outside Textile Centre In Bugis

Delivery staff often work long hours, so seeing them display visible signs of exhaustion is fairly normal.

But that apparently wasn’t why one Lalamove driver was sprawled on the floor outside Textile Centre in Bugis on Tuesday (18 Apr).

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

In videos uploaded on social media, the man seemed to be peacefully lying on the floor, with one hand on his phone, which he held against his chest.

As the camera panned, a Lalamove van came into view, parked horizontally to traffic with a road sign detached from the ground nearby.

Lalamove driver lies on floor as police officers stand nearby

One Facebook user uploaded a 45-second clip of the incident on Tuesday (18 Apr).

The video started by showing a man in red lying on the ground as two  traffic police (TP) officers stood over him.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

When the camera panned away from the trio, a seemingly stationary Lalamove fan was seen, in a horizontal position to traffic.

Near the vehicle, a blue traffic sign lay flat on the floor — looking as though it had been dislodged from the ground.

Authorities arrest Lalamove driver after incident in Bugis

In another video, the same man is surrounded by police officers as he faces the trunk of a police vehicle.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

Surrounding the man in red, police officers in the more familiar navy blue uniform proceeded to place his hands behind his back and handcuff him.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

Citing a police statement, Stomp reported that the police received an alert regarding an accident involving a woman and a van.

The van in question had apparently collided with the woman in the chaos. Paramedics then took her in a conscious state to the hospital.

Police subsequently arrested a 50-year-old man for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.

They also suspect his involvement in other drug-related offences. Investigations are reportedly ongoing.

Delivery company investigating incident

Speaking to MS News, Lalamove confirmed that the man in the videos is a driver for their company.

However, he was purportedly not performing any deliveries at the time of the incident.

The delivery company is also trying to get in touch with the driving partner. However, they have yet to obtain any luck.

Driver suspended following incident

Lalamove shared that they have suspended the man till further notice.

Additionally, they cannot confirm if this is a case of drunk driving but said that they’re currently investigating the incident.

Thankfully, no serious accidents seemed to have occurred as a result of this occurrence.

We wish the woman a smooth recovery and hope the driver will receive the necessary assistance he may need, as well as repercussions for his actions.

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Featured image adapted from Patrick Tan on Facebook and Facebook.

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