Man Glams Up On MRT, With Hairspray To Boot

Man Uses MRT Door As Mirror To Groom Himself

If you’re going out, you always need to look your best. But not everybody has the time to go home to look glamorous.

An anonymous man seems to have the same problem.

In a viral video, he was seen glamming up and fixing his hair in the MRT.

Here’s the hilarious 1-min clip uploaded on in full.

MRT hair care routine

How can you build the best hair care routine? The commuter gave the public an unabashed tutorial video on tips they can incorporate in their daily ritual.

A pro tip is to find a mirror. In this scenario, the man used actual windows on the MRT’s screen doors.

He casually whipped out a comb from his bag and began brushing his hair to the surprise of surrounding commuters.


Next, he applied copious amounts of hairspray.


And gelled it to perfection.


Finally, he repeatedly combed his hair until he was satisfied with the final look.


MRT salon & haircare products

Like all viral videos, netizens eagerly shared their thoughts in the comments section.

One netizen pointed out that we now have an SMRT salon.


Another wrote that it was a literal display of “stylo milo”.


And like all hair care videos, we’re all curious about the products used.


Others were concerned about the use of hairspray in the train.


While not many are willing to share their hair care routines in public, we’ll do anything for smooth and silky hair.


What’s your hair care ritual?

Nothing good ever comes easy.

If you want great hair, then you have to work for it.

It definitely takes time and a lot of experimentation to find a hair care ritual that works for you, but we hope that this story gave you some inspiration.

Featured image from Facebook.

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