Man In M’sia Proposes To Girlfriend With A Porsche, Sets Off Fireworks When She Agrees

Man In Malaysia Proposes To Girlfriend With A Porsche

Marriage is an important milestone for any couple, so some aim to pop the question in the most spectacular way possible so it’ll be memorable.

So if you can afford it, why not add in a luxury car to sweeten the deal?

That might have been what a man in Malaysia was thinking when he decided to propose to his girlfriend with a Porsche.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

Man proposes to woman by kneeling, Porsche in background

Photos and videos of the extravagant proposal were shared on 14 Feb in a post on the KL Entertainment Station (KL娱乐站) Facebook group.

It showed a man kneeling in front of a woman holding a large bouquet of flowers, presenting a ring to her.

They were surrounded by a large group of people holding balloons.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

In the background, encased in a transparent trailer, is a shiny black car.

Eventually, the woman says yes, as the crowd eggs them on to share a kiss amid pyrotechnics.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

As though the occasion wasn’t elaborate enough, fireworks are set off in the sky over the happy couple.

Source: Koo Kah Ching on Facebook

It’s a scene seemingly straight out of a lavish romantic comedy.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

Later, the lucky woman is seen getting into the driver’s seat of her new car, seemingly ready for a test drive.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

Man upgrades girlfriend’s ride to Porsche & proposes with it

The groom-to-be, identified only as 28-year-old Mr Zhang, met his 26-year-old fiancée Ms Wang in university, he told Sin Chew Daily.

They’ve been together for seven years. Now, they’re both property agents and quite successful.

Ms Wang was given a bonus of S$6,000 (RM20,000) by her company and planned to use it to buy a Mercedes.

However, her boyfriend decided to pay extra to upgrade her ride to a Porsche and even footed a S$36,000 (RM120,000) downpayment for it.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

Of course, he also slyly meant to use the car to propose.

Girlfriend didn’t know about proposal

Mr Zhang assembled a team to organise the proposal, naming the group “team building 2023” to throw his girlfriend off the scent.

The night of the proposal – appropriately, Valentine’s Day – Ms Wang knew only that she was attending a “pick-up ceremony” for the car, and some friends and family members would be there.

He invited about 50 of them to witness the proposal and a “guest of honour” — the Porsche presented in a transparent box surrounded by about 100 balloons.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

His plan worked, as his girlfriend was none the wiser that she would be walking into a proposal.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

He got the idea from previous reports

Mr Zhang told Sin Chew that he got the idea when he read news reports of another woman receiving a Porsche as a birthday gift in the same way.

He was thinking of the 21-year-old woman in Johor who was gifted a yellow Porsche by her parents.

21-Year-Old Woman In Johor Gets Porsche For Birthday, Delivered In Transparent Trailer

In December 2022, a Malaysian woman also reportedly received a pink Porsche from her boyfriend on her birthday.

Source: hippo.ysc on Instagram

Netizen says he ‘spoil market’

Unsurprisingly, the OP who posted the photos on Facebook said Mr Zhang “spoil market”, and guys who can’t afford to buy a car will never be able to get married.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

A netizen cynically asked whether the woman was marrying the car or the man.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

However, another commenter said people should congratulate the couple instead of making fun of them. After all, some people like to be high-profile, but others prefer to be low-profile, and everybody is different.

Source: Yuni Uni on Facebook

We wish the couple all the best in their marriage. Since it got off to such a bombastic start, may the rest of their married life be similarly exciting.

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Featured image adapted from Yuni Uni on Facebook.

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