The Driver Was Allegedly Punched So Hard That His Head “Banged Against” The Car’s Window

They say “don’t drive when you drink”.

But that was about the only right decision this man allegedly made, after his 2am drinking session on Sunday (12 Aug) morning.


At least, according to Drive Home Service Singapore’s Facebook viral post on 12 Aug.

The company – which offers chauffeur valet services for car owners who’ve indulged in drinks – wrote an impassioned plea for their drivers to be treated with respect, after a shocking incident as follows.


Destination? Oxley Road.

A man, identified as “Mr Ong” by the company, allegedly engaged the services of Drive Home Service Singapore on 12 Aug.

Fairuz – his assigned valet driver – took over Mr Ong’s car at a pub in Sembawang, and was tasked to send Mr Ong, his friend (assumed male) and two other foreign female friends home.

The group of 4 briefly discussed where they should go to next.

They settled on a location along Oxley Road – a stone’s throw away from the famed Lee Residence – where Mr Ong’s friend stayed.

A sudden left hook to the driver’s face

Upon reaching Oxley Road, Fairuz says he overheard the two ladies rejecting Mr Ong and his friend’s offer of going to Hotel 81 at Lavender Street.

After the “negotiations” stopped, Fairuz turned over and asked Mr Ong,

Sorry sir, where to next?

His inquiry was immediately met with a left hook to his face.

Injuries to the lips, neck and jaw

The force behind said punch was allegedly so strong that Fairuz’s head “banged against” the car door window.

Fairuz notified his company immediately. The police and SCDF were also dispatched to the scene.

The company claims the victim sustained injuries to his lips, neck, and jaw and was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for checks. Thankfully, he was able to resume work the very next day.

Legal action taken

Drive Home Service Singapore posted a description of the incident 3 hours after.

The post received around 1200 shares and 629 likes at the time of this article.

According to an update at 1am today, the company allegedly received a call from Mr Ong’s  “legal representative”.

The lawyer claimed that the company had discriminated against Mr Ong’s friend and had these demands for the company:

  1. Taking down the Facebook post about the incident immediately
  2. Posting an apology to Mr Ong on the Facebook page

Do not take drivers for granted

If the company’s statement is to be believed, we think Mr Ong’s actions should not be condoned, especially if he was under the influence of alcohol.

While it might be understandable for us to get loud after having a few drinks, violence is in no way acceptable.

Moreover, Fairuz was at the point of time, providing Mr Ong and his friends a service.

We wish Fairuz a speedy recovery for his injuries, and for both parties to reach a resolution soon.

Featured image from Drive Home Service Singapore on Facebook.