This Massive Bangkok Burger Weighs 6.5kg, About 20 Times Heavier Than Average

There’s a strange sense of fulfillment for people who enjoy watching mukbang videos — a genre of viral clips typically depicting attractive, petite females polishing off insane amounts of food.

Have you ever wondered if you could do the same? Now you can put that theory to the test with all 10,000 calories & 6.5kg of this massive Bangkok Burger.


This heavyweight burger-eating challenge, launched in October, only lasts a mere 9 minutes — a feat which can only be described as a near impossible endeavour.


Here’s what you’re up against, if you want something to do – other than to laze around in the hotel room – while your better halves get their nails done on your next Bangkok getaway.

6.5kg burger loaded with fried bacon, onion rings & cheddar cheese

This mammoth burger weighs in at an impressive 6.5kg — including the gargantuan buns, thicc stack of meat patties, bacon, fried onion rings, nacho cheese drizzle, mustard, ketchup & lettuce.

10,000 Calorie Burger: Beef – S$112.44 (2,500 Baht) / Pork – S$157.41 (3,500 Baht)

Finish all 10,000 calories of this – plus all of the fries – and walk away S$450 (10,000 Baht) richer. Here’s a size comparison with a smaller burger on the menu — it’s close to 20 times heavier than an average 350g burger.


The arresting sight of the toppings piled on top of each other, is honestly enough to stop our hearts.


But that’s the entire budget for a day’s worth of your BB’s Bangkok shopping haul covered — presuming you can tank the meal without giving up first.

Epic meal prep to make massive burgers

As you’d expect, it’s no easy feat to birth a burger of such monstrous proportions — weighing in at a whopping 6.5kg, to be precise. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1.8 kg of buns
  • 4.0 kg of beef/pork patty
  • 1.0 kg of bacon
  • 22 slices of cheddar cheese
  • 500g of veggies & onions


The restaurant makes the beef patty and burger buns from scratch, adding tons of pre-fried bacon and onion rings & stacks of cheddar cheese — enough to cover the full patty, plus a little extra for good measure.


The burger platter is then finished with 3 types of French fries, Cheese, BBQ & Classic fries.

Few have emerged victorious

Many patrons have already attempted to order the burger, and populated social media with pictures of the hefty meal.


This man’s expressive face says it all for us.


The restaurant recommends that you share this burger with 10 people to polish it off, as a more realistic game plan. However, worthy victors have already emerged.


This trio has claimed the honour of completing the challenge in 9 minutes and 20 seconds.


If you’re game to challenge this record, you’ll have to beat the trio’s timing to emerge victorious.

Regular-sized burgers & more realistic burger challenges

Besides this impossible burger feat, Chris Burgers & Steaks offers more achievable burger challenges for normal human appetites too.

1.8kg Ruthless Burger: Pork S$24 (539 Baht), Beef S$28 (639 Baht)

Approximately 5 times the size of a normal burger, you’ll get 700g of meat in this Ruthless Burger. You’ll walk away with your meal free if you finish this in 15 minutes.

American Burger: Pork S$13 (299 Baht), Beef S$16 (369 Baht)

The American Burger weighs twice an average burger and you’ll get a 40 baht discount for a second burger ordered. Proceeds will be donated to a charity who help with lunch funds for disadvantaged kids.

Chris Steaks & Burgers is 16 mins from Platinum Mall

You can get to Chris Steaks & Burgers in Bangkok most conveniently by taxi.


Simply hail a cab from Platinum Mall at the heart of Bangkok’s shopping district. A short 16-min car ride later, you’ll be at your destination.

Chris Steaks & Burgers

Address: 135/9 Thanon Bang Khun Non, Khwaeng Bang Khun Non, Khet Bangkok Noi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700, Thailand
Opening Hours:
11.30am to 9pm weekly, except for Thursdays.
Contact: +66 61 824 8245 or DM via Facebook

To all those who are game to try this challenge out, don’t forget that you’ll be able to bring 2 other friends to beat the record.


If you just want to enjoy a massive burger instead of a cake for your birthday, a party of 10 will be great too.

Anything to keep BB happy, right?

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Featured image adapted from BornMadeak via Facebook and Instagram.