S’pore Customer Requests For McDonald’s Curry Sauce, Delivery Rider Brings One From Home

Delivery Rider Brings McDonald’s Curry Sauce From Home Upon Customer’s Request

We all know that the McDonald’s curry sauce is well-loved by many Singaporeans. However, we recently learnt that the sauce also has the power to form friendships.

An exchange of messages between a food delivery rider and his customer was posted on Sgfollowsall (@sgfollowsall) on Instagram today (16 Sep). A customer who specifically requested McDonald’s curry sauce was pleasantly surprised by the lengths his food delivery rider went to for him.

To make sure the customer got his curry sauce, the rider took one out of his fridge in case the McDonald’s outlet did not give any.

Delivery rider brings curry sauce from home

Recently, a man who ordered food from McDonald’s seemed to have found a friend in his food delivery rider. As he was a rider himself, he understood that the McDonald’s outlet at Keat Hong Mirage might not always provide curry sauce.

Hence, he told his rider to specifically ask the staff for it.

The rider agreed to the request and promised to make sure the staff gave him the curry sauce.


Perhaps wanting to be safe than sorry, the rider also checked whether he had any curry sauce himself in his fridge.

Upon finding one, he messaged the customer to tell him he was in luck and would bring it along. The rider even took a picture to let his customer know that it was not expired.


The rider continued updating his customer regarding the progress of his order.


The customer also took notice of the rider’s bike model and talked about it for a while.

Even till the end, the rider made sure that the customer got his curry sauce. He hilariously snapped a picture of his helmet on top of the curry sauce to show that it was safe.


Perhaps the start of a heartwarming friendship

This post was certainly a wholesome way to start the day.

We’re glad to see that there are such friendly and dedicated riders out there, and customers who return the kindness.

We hope the duo will remain friends and inspire more people to be nice to each other.

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Featured image adapted from Carousell and Google Maps.

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