Lady Finds Unhappy Meal Surprise In Her Milo, McDonald’s Is Investigating Incident

Lady Finds Surprise Nozzle From Machine In McDonald’s Iced Milo

One should always check one’s food and drink before consuming them as you never know what you might find inside.

A lady recently found what looks like a nozzle in her ice milo cup she had ordered from McDonald’s, making it a not-so-happy meal.

She immediately took to Facebook to complain about the issue and wrote to McDonald’s for an explanation.


McDonald’s Singapore told MS News it is reaching out to the customer to learn more and is currently investigating the incident.

Lady finds surprise in McDonald’s iced milo

On Tuesday (23 Nov) night, after finishing the iced milo she bought from the Paya Lebar McDonald’s outlet, a lady realised there was something in her cup.

Upon removing the cover, she discovered a strange item at the bottom of the cup.


She immediately took it out for a closer inspection. To her horror, it looked like a part of a drink dispenser.


Thus, she decided to post about her experience on Facebook.

McDonald’s investigating matter

The lady told MS News that as of 4pm she hadn’t received a reply yet.

The lady also added it was “disgusting” to find such an item in her drink. Furthermore, since the item was rather large, she couldn’t understand how the staff did not see it drop into the cup.

McDonald’s has since responded to queries from MS News. Here is their full statement:

“Food safety is our topmost priority. We are reaching out to the customer so that our restaurant and quality assurance teams can further investigate the matter. We remain committed to providing a great dining experience for our customers each and every time, be it in our restaurants or as a delivery order enjoyed from the comforts of their home.”

Hope issue will be settled soon

This incident was probably not the happiest of meals the lady has had at McDonald’s.

It is certainly worrying when such an incident happens. Thankfully, it was not a small item that could’ve been ingested.

We’re glad McDonald’s has reached out to the lady and hopefully they can settle the issue soon.

Additionally, safety procedures can hopefully be put in place so that others won’t receive an unhappy surprise.

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Featured image adapted from Yanyan Lok on Facebook

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