Wuhan Medical Workers In Protective Gear Dance With Covid-19 Patients To Keep Their Spirits Up

Medical Workers In Wuhan Line Dance With Patients While In Hazmat Suits

The novel coronavirus or now officially the Covid-2019 situation in China is still grave, and it seems like it’s going to be a while more before things improve.

Hospitals are overrun with patients, exhausted doctors and overworked nurses, and people are losing hope.

In Wuhan, medical staff are going the extra mile to ensure patient wellness. They’ve been holding line dance sessions for those who are well enough to help them take their minds off things.

Multiple videos have been shared to Chinese mainstream media about their initiative.

Take a look at this one by China Xinhua News on Twitter.

Patients were getting anxious about situation

In South China Morning Post’s (SCMP) rendition of the video, they reported that many of the patients with mild to moderate symptoms were showing anxious and depressive behaviour from worrying about their health.


A strong state of mind is crucial for making a speedy recovery, so the medical staff put together the dance programme to help cheer them up.

Medical workers danced with patients while in hazmat suits

In the video, the patients and medical staff look absolutely jubilant as they dance to Chinese songs.


The medical staff cleared out a large room in the quarantine centre to give the patients enough space to move around.

Of course they had to wear their full protective gear, but that didn’t stop them from having fun.


The dance sessions really seemed to uplift both the patients’ and medical workers’ spirits. Hopefully, this becomes a regular affair as long as the quarantine is still in effect.


Netizens touched by medical workers’ gesture

Netizens were moved by the medical workers’ concern for the patients and took to the comments to praise them.

They applauded the medical workers for dancing so enthusiastically even while wearing the bulky protective gear. As this netizen said, it’s “heartbreaking and moving yet funny”.


Most netizens wished the medical workers well, commending them for their outstanding work ethic and genuine concern for the patients. This netizen even said that “This is so cute… Good luck!”


Going the extra mile in tough times

These medical workers went beyond their jobscope to care for these patients and make sure they were as comfortable as possible, both physically and emotionally.

You probably thought you’d seen every kind deed that could possibly be done to help this situation. Donations, volunteering, helping people put masks on, they’re all wonderful, but this in particular goes to show that you can help in alternative ways, and still make a huge and meaningful impact on people.

We sincerely commend these medical workers for their creative idea and compassion for these patients, and hope they’ll all pull through this crisis.

Featured image adapted from Reuters on YouTube

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