Michelle Chong Pays Tribute To Alien Huang In Facebook Post

On Wednesday (16 Sep), the sudden demise of Taiwanese celebrity Alien Huang shocked fans around the world.

Taiwanese Star Alien Huang Passes Away At 36, Played With His Doggo 1 Day Before

At the age of 36, his passing was even more tragic, especially since rumours are abound that he could have slipped and fell in the bathroom.

Singaporean artiste Michelle Chong paid tribute to the fallen celebrity, in a short, but heartfelt message on Facebook.


Her post is translated as:

It’s hard to believe. You’ll forever be my first male lead. Rest in peace. 

Alien Huang was male lead in first film Michelle Chong directed

For the uninitiated, Alien Huang was the male lead in Michelle Chong’s comedy film ‘Already Famous’ (一泡而红).

Released in 2011, the movie was also Michelle Chong’s maiden attempt at directing.

In the movie, Huang played a shy kopitiam helper who takes a romantic liking for Chong’s character.


The movie is available on Netflix.

Michelle Chong pays homage to her co-lead

While nearly a decade has passed since then, Chong still remembers Huang and the pivotal role he played in her maiden film.

As news about Huang’s passing broke on Wednesday (16 Sep), Chong took to Facebook to pay tribute to her co-lead.

She also shared behind-the-scenes photos of the pair while filming and promoting the film.


The Taiwanese actor was just 28 years old then, but already has the makings of a great star.


May he rest in peace

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Huang’s family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Though many fans might be saddened by his sudden departure, we hope they’ll also remember him by the works that he worked on over the years.

If you have not watched ‘Already Famous’, you can now catch it from the comforts of your own home on Netflix.

Featured image adapted from Facebook