Uncle In Wheelchair Smiles For Selfie At Orchard Convex Mirror After Seeing Youths Do It

Adorable Elderly Uncle In Wheelchair Copies Youths’ Mirror Selfie At Orchard

Youths these days love to take a mirror selfie and can’t seem to resist snapping photos of themselves whenever they come across a reflective surface.

While most of us don’t take heed when we see them doing that, an uncle in a wheelchair noticed a group of teens taking a mirror selfie and became intrigued.

TikTok user @dawnnieee_ , or Dawn, who was in that group, later saw the uncle doing exactly what they did, by himself.


Wholesome vibes đź’•

♬ Minh Piano Official Dina Muli – Minh Piano Official

Touched by the sight, she recorded the scene and uploaded it to TikTok, with the video garnering over 1.9 million views.

Group of friends didn’t know uncle spotted them

In the video, Dawn shared that her group of friends had found a convex traffic mirror along Emerald Hill in Orchard and decided to take a mirror selfie together.

Little did they know, an elderly uncle in a wheelchair had spotted them taking the photo.

Source: @dawnnieee_ on TikTok

After Dawn and her friends left, they saw the uncle move over to where they had been standing.

He then discreetly took out his own mobile phone, flashed a shy smile, and snapped a quick picture of his reflection in the convex mirror.

Source: @dawnnieee_ on TikTok

Dawn captioned the video “Wholesome vibes”, which really encapsulated the precious moment.

Wholesome video touches viewers’ hearts

TikTok users who viewed the clip shared the same sentiments as Dawn, with many agreeing that this was truly an adorable moment.

Source: TikTok

They also noted the song choice which tugged at their heartstrings.

Source: TikTok

MS News has reached out to Dawn for comments. We’ll update the article if she gets back.

Hope uncle will keep finding joy in taking mirror selfies

Though simple, the video and the unique moment it captures have clearly impacted people profoundly.

Thank you, Dawn, for sharing such a moving scene with everyone.

We hope that the uncle will continue to find joy in taking mirror selfies in the future.

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Featured image adapted from @dawnnieee_ on TikTok

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