MOM Issued 34 Stop-Work Orders To Companies That Failed To Practise Good Safe Distancing

Recently, there’s been an influx of information regarding Covid-19 and its impact on our daily lives for the time being.

From the 48 billion dollar relief package to social distancing at malls, it’s difficult to keep up with it all, but the authorities are doing their best to get Singaporeans up to speed with the situation.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) took to their Facebook to share good examples of safe distancing in workspaces, in light of the recently-updated guidelines and measures.


Visited offices to ensure safe distancing was observed

According to their post, MOM officers visited over 100 offices in the span of 4 days.

This was to perform checks on companies’ workspaces and ensure they were adhering to the updated social distancing and precautionary measures.


Some of the newer measures are:

  • Seats in workstations, meeting rooms, pantries, rest areas and other congregation points should be at least 1m apart
  • Reduce duration and proximity of physical interactions
  • Stagger work hours
  • Postpone non-essential work events and scale down important ones
  • Implement or enhance shift or split team arrangements.

In addition to these, employers are to arrange for their employees to work from home, as far as possible.

Stop-work orders issues to some workspaces

Some workspaces and establishments upheld the measures well, ensuring that patrons followed the restrictions too.


Others who did not fulfil requirements were told to make “immediate rectifications”.


Unfortunately, 34 stop-work orders as well as 36 remedial orders were issued to various workspaces they visited.


Stop-work orders require companies to immediately cease operations and correct the issue, while remedial orders allow them to continue operating as they make changes to fulfil requirements.

MOM reminds companies to keep up-to-date with measures

Mr Raymond Koh – Inspector at MOM’s Occupational Safety and Health Division – said,

Beyond enforcement, it is important to help employers understand the gaps that must be rectified to limit the spread of COVID-19 at work premises.

MOM intends to continue publicising good examples of work practises, so that employers and other companies can do a better job at ensuring the safety of their employees.


Hopefully, their efforts pay off and more companies and employers can improve their safe distancing practices.

Safe distancing plays a key role in the battle against Covid-19 and we shouldn’t ignore it. Please be responsible for yourself, and for others, and comply with the regulations and measures as far as possible.

Featured image adapted from Facebook