Najib Denies Police Inspector’s Claims That He Ordered A Hit On A Mongolian Model In 2006

A shocking testimony by a former police inspector has thrown Malaysia’s ex-Prime Minister (PM) for a loop, as Mr Najib Razak continues to defend his reputation amidst the ongoing 1MDB trial.


Ex-PM Najib has recently denied any links to a Mongolian model named Altantuya Shaariibuu’s mysterious murder — a controversial case that to haunt Mr Najib today.


Here’s a recap on the case that involved rumoured Russian spies, salacious affairs, C-4 explosives & blackmail allegations.

Mysterious 2006 murder of Mongolian model in Shah Alam

Before we delve into the fresh allegations leveled at Najib, let’s first examine the facts of a tragic murder in Malaysia that started it all.


13 years ago, on 19 Oct 2006, Ms Altantuya’s cousin called the police & Bangkok’s Mongolian embassy to report that she was missing.

The young model’s grisly remains in the form of bone fragments were found later near Subang Dam, Shah Alam in Malaysia.


Forensic reports theorised that victim had been shot twice before her remains were destroyed by “C-4 explosives” on 18 Oct 2006.

Russian spy, blackmail & lurid double affair allegations

This woman was also linked to Najib’s associate Abdul Razak Baginda, and Najib himself, via lurid allegations of an affair, blackmail & Russian spies.


It’s important to note that both men have denied the claims repeatedly, and continue to do so today.

2 policemen Azilah Hadri & Sirul Azhar were sentenced to death 3 years later, for the murder of Ms Altantuya on 9 Apr 2009.

Convict on death row accuses Najib of ordering a kill

Azilah, one of the 2 convicts on death row, has now made a shocking statutory declaration involving Najib & Baginda, according to a Malaysiakini report on Monday (16 Dec).


He claims the ‘kill order’ originated from Najib & Baginda, in an explicit “shoot to kill” directive that he was following as a member of the police’s special forces.

Maintaining his innocence, Azilah hopes to overturn his death sentence in a re-trial, citing “suppression of evidence & material facts” during the original court proceedings.

Ex-PM Najib denies all involvement in Facebook post

Ex-PM Najib has maintained his stance that he’s not involved in the killing of Ms Altantuya, as reported by AstroAwani.

In a Facebook statement dated 16 Dec, Najib reiterated that he was cleared of involvement – along with his associate Baginda – in the original trial.

Najib also cited Sirul’s sworn declaration – who’s the other convicted police officer – that the ex-PM wasn’t involved in the case.

In Mr Razak’s words,

The police have also confirmed that there is no evidence to link me to the case.

Najib sought to debunk Azilah’s claims that he ordered Altantuya’s assasination as she was “a Russian spy” who knew sensitive information which threatened national security.

He added that it wouldn’t be “logical” as to why his cabinet was “okay” with him being prime minister if the allegations were true.

A mystery that’s near impossible to solve

As the convicted killer of one of Malaysia’s most sensational murder cases continues his last bid for a re-trial, we’re not sure if the truth of the matter will ever come to light.


Or if Ms Altantuya’s family will find closure after her tragic passing.

However, ex-PM Najib will be hard-pressed to rebuild his reputation as this complication may spell trouble ahead for his ongoing 1MDB trial.

Do you think that there’s more to the case? Or has ex-PM Najib sufficiently justified his non-involvement in Ms Altantuya’s murder? Sound out in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Madoka Ikegami and The Times.