81-Year-Old Ah Ma Falls Down & Bleeds, Thankfully FairPrice Staff & Strangers Come To Her Rescue

81-Year-Old Ah Ma Receives Medical Attention From Toa Payoh FairPrice Staff

Falling down can be a very scary experience, especially when you are 81-years-old. Luckily, an act of kindness by an NTUC FairPrice staff recently helped an old lady out.

According to a Facebook post on Wednesday (16 Oct), an 81-year-old ah ma fell while walking home in Toa Payoh, causing a deep wound on her chin that started bleeding profusely.

Auntie Lily & her son

She then walked in pain to HDB Hub to look for a cab when suddenly a staff member from NTUC Fairprice rushed out to check on her and provided her with medical assistance.

Ah Ma fell down & gets a deep wound

The incident happened on Sunday (13 Oct) when Auntie Lily, the 81-year-old ah ma, was walking home. However, she tripped on her sandal, causing her to fall and sustain a deep cut on her chin.

The wound then opened up and she started bleeding profusely. 2 kind passers-by who walked past her provided her with a box of tissue to stop the bleeding.

As she was unable to contact anyone due to not having her phone with her, she persevered and made her way over to HDB Hub at Toa Payoh while applying pressure on the wound in hopes of finding a taxi to get herself to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Kind NTUC staff helps ah ma

As Auntie Lily walked past the NTUC at HDB Hub Toa Payoh, a member of staff from NTUC rushed out to assist her. The staff then brought her into the office and administered first-aid on her.


However, the bleeding didn’t stop due to the cut being too deep. The staff then asked if she wanted to call the ambulance, to which she declined.

Following that, the staff took the initiative search for a clinic nearby to stitch the wounds. This took quite a while as it happened on a Sunday and few clinics in the area were open.

Kudos to those who have helped

It’s great to see everyday Singaporeans helping each other out and this story shows us exactly how simple actions can help someone in need.

Kudos to the 2 passers-by and NTUC staff for helping Auntie Lily.

So the next time you pass by someone who needs help, lend a helping hand so that we can spread kindness and love in our small little red dot.

I want to record my heartfelt thanks to the staff of Fairprice NTUC (500, Lorong 6 #B1-32/#01-33) for helping my mum on that fateful Sunday afternoon.

If you are the staff in the story, Auntie Lily’s son thanks you for helping his mom.

Featured image adapted from Commercial Guru & Facebook.

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