OSIM Handheld Massagers Let You Choose Intensity Level, For Gentle Or Strong Vibrations

OSIM Has 2 Types Of Handheld Massagers To Relieve Any Sort Of Body Tension

Saying we all need a good pampering is truly an understatement of 2020.

We have survived a health pandemic, an economic crisis, and most lately a temperamental weather of sorts. It’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back – literally.

Thankfully, OSIM has launched 2 handheld massagers to relieve different degrees of tension and kinks in your body after a hard day.


With the uPamper Mini for light massage or the uDolly 2 for intense relief, you can be sure to experience thorough relaxation from whatever that pains your body.


OSIM uPamper Mini Handheld Massager provides soothing comfort

The uPamper Mini Handheld Massager is perfect for those who are new to massage devices.


The power tap massage technology achieves a consistent and localised motion that mimics the actions of human hands but with greater relieving effect.


Employing a high pressure tapping action, the ache relief applies to many parts of the body that commonly experience tension.


The uPamper Mini Handheld Massager is especially practical for people constantly on-the-go. The handy and compact massager lets you easily pack it into your bag, for a quick massage any time.


Now you can feel the comfort of nifty fingers kneading all the tension away from your body without having to get actual human help.

uDolly 2 for power vibration massage

If your recent return to regular exercises after months of WFH leaves you with unbearable muscle aches, the uDolly2 might work better for you.


Vibrating at 5,500 pulses per minute, the intense movement stimulates circulation, loosens tight muscles and penetrates into deeper muscle layers for relief.


The massager comes with duo massage heads as well.


The precision massage head facilitates targeted tension relaxation, while the spiky massage node  provides an intense and stronger massage.

The versatile uDolly 2 is ideal for areas such as your arms, thighs and calves, which we exert more in our daily lives.


If you are thinking of purchasing them, both massagers are retailing at $129.

Perfect for Christmas gift exchange

Now that Christmas is around the corner, a portable and handy massager sounds like a perfect gift idea.

If you order one for your loved ones and friends now, the items will be delivered just in time for that gift exchange.

Just make sure to tell your aunty that they’re massagers, and not microphones for her weekly karaoke sessions.

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Featured image adapted from OSIM and OSIM

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