Otter Family Has Picnic At Istana, Also Visited Plaza Sing To Shop

Otter Family Takes 6 Days Out Of Their Itinerary To Chill At The Istana Before Heading To Plaza Singapura

As we enter Phase 2 of reopening, everyone is slowly emerging from their cribs — and it seems like we aren’t the only ones eager to stretch our restless legs.

On Monday (22 Jun), PM Lee Hsien Loong shared an image of a family of otters bounding across the green lawns of the Istana.


Another video surfaced on Facebook shortly after, of what we think is the same otter family. This time, we see them scurrying outside the nearby Plaza Singapura.


A 6-day stay at the President’s residence for these otters

According to PM Lee’s post, the Istana has not seen many visitors of late, due to the Covid-19 situation.


However just 6 days ago, a family of 7 otters decided to break that streak, popping by the official residence of our President.


Under the “watchful eyes” of NParks, the family appears to be having the time of their lives on the compound’s perfectly manicured green lawns.

Shopping therapy right after

After 6 days of sightseeing, someone in the otter family probably decided it was time for a change in pace.

Running at the lightning speeds of kiasu aunties during the Great Singapore Sale, the otter family was seen hurdling toward the entrance of Plaza Singapura.

This left passersby completely bemused. One lady even followed them for a bit, while maintaining a safe distance.


Guess us humans aren’t the only one longing for some retail therapy post ‘Circuit Breaker’.

These otters are truly living the life

These otters seem to be having a field day, casually showing up at the President’s residence — though we doubt many minded their presence.

And then going to one of the hangout hotspots? These otters really do know how to live the life amid Covid-19.

Well, thank goodness for this family of 7 that the “Rule of 5” doesn’t apply to them then!

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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