Japan Company ‘Supermarket Kakamu’ Designs Sturdy Peanut Earphones

Most of us want durable earbuds that will remain unbreakable despite constant travel and everyday use, but what is the sturdiest earphone you’ll ever find?

Supermarket Kakamu – a Japanese media company – has designed peanut earphones that deceptively look like the edible version.

Just like a real peanut, you may have to crack the shell to use these “Galaxy Nut” or “NutPods”.

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Here’s a closer look at the bizarre product that could soon be available in the market.

Peanut earphones look like a snack

On Saturday (5 Sep), Supermarket Kakamu posted its design concept for a peanut-shaped earphone.

Foodies will know that there’s nothing more disappointing than cracking the shell of a peanut, only to find fewer than promised pods.

But this version is guaranteed to have 2 compartments and large nutty earphones that you might mistake for a delicious snack.


Here’s to hoping that they’ll release a “Galaxy Nut” or “NutPods” edition soon to satisfy both Android and iPhone users.

Food-inspired products

While these unique earphones aren’t sold in stores yet, Supermarket Kakamu has a wealth of food-inspired products.

In 2019, they offered toast beds that look like a dreamy kaya toast, with extra fluff to boot.

Toast Beds In Japan Allow You To Rest On The Fluffy Insides Of Your Favourite Bread

Shiso leaves are typically used to garnish, rice, fish, and tempura. Their version reimagines the herb as an adhesive bandage that can heal your wounds.


Hoping we can get it soon

These nutty earphones are not available in stores yet.

Prior to production, Supermarket Kakamu releases product designs, and the most popular items eventually get sold on their online store.

While you may not be able to order these yet, you can visit the brand’s website to grab their quirky food-inspired products. You can also subscribe to their Twitter to stay updated on their latest designs.

Will you get the “Galaxy Nut” or “NutPods”? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Twitter