Pomsky Poses For Photos At S’pore Landmarks Like A Photogenic Doggo Influencer

Singapore Pomsky Miya Looks Super Photogenic On Camera

Doggos can make our hearts melt with their puppy dog eyes and adorable expressions. But one doggo has managed to stand out from the pack because of her ability to look like a natural on camera.

Introducing Miya, a 2-year-old Pomsky in Singapore. Recently, she was hailed as the most photogenic Pomsky by UK-based Facebook page Woof Woof.


As a testament to her achievement, her Instagram page has gained more than 25,000 followers at the time of writing.

Discovering photogenic Singapore Pomsky

Miya’s story begins with her owner YT, who first owned a Cocker Spitz named Kiyo, who is 12 years old.


After a full decade with Kiyo, YT wanted another doggo companion with a personality that complemented Kiyo’s. So they scoured pet stores, and it seemed to be love at first sight when they saw Miya.


During their first meeting, Miya caused a ruckus in the back of the shop and needed to be brought to the front to restore peace. Then, she calmly fell asleep on her future dog owner’s foot, but YT didn’t pay her any attention and left soon after.


Even though YT didn’t interact with Miya at first, the sleepy grey and white puppy certainly made an impression. Shortly after, they met again, and she was welcomed into the fam.

Singapore Pomsky poses in front of local landmarks

Miya frequently poses in front of our local landmarks while making expressive stares at the camera.

She made a cheeky face upon catching sight of the Marina Bay Sands Apple store, probably because it looks like a giant ball.


Haji Lane is an indie neighbourhood and doggo-distracting street that has Miya buzzing with excitement.


Koon Seng Road is known for its pastel-coloured heritage shophouses. Like a wide-eyed tourist, Miya loves to marvel at these carefully preserved establishments.


This trained doggo can also perform a few tricks like this adorable pose that will motivate you to hike at the Rail Corridor.


Rainy days in our city can be such a hassle when we don’t have an umbrella. Yet, Miya can shake it off and have an enjoyable stroll near the Merlion Park opposite Marina Bay Sands.


She also loves having fun times at the beach and doesn’t shy away from the opportunity to prance around playfully at Sentosa.


Our very own doggo influencer

Miya is a natural-born pet influencer that can motivate you to go out and appreciate our iconic landmarks.

To admire more of her photogenic photos that’ll put a smile on your face, check out her Instagram page—@themiyagram.

She loves to have adventures on our little red dot. So here’s to hoping you’re lucky enough to spot this furkid in her upcoming photoshoots.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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