Maskselamat Instagram Account Has Pictures Of Masks Thrown On Floor

Due to the infectious nature of Covid-19, face masks have become a must whenever we are out and about. But what happens after we are done using them?

Though most of us dispose – or reuse – them responsibly, some sadly do not.

Possibly to remind Singaporeans to remain responsible throughout this pandemic, Instagram account @maskselamat shares pictures of face masks – both disposable and otherwise – being irresponsibly thrown on the ground.


Here’s a look at some all-too-familiar face masks left on our streets.

1. Avengers face mask

Like the superheroes it’s inspired by, this Avengers mask fought valiantly against an invisible villain during its lifetime. While it might have outlived its usefulness, it still deserves a proper farewell the rubbish chute.

pictures of masksSource

2. Forgot both water bottle and mask

When out and about, 2 of the rare instances when we’re allowed to remove our masks are when we are either drinking or eating.

This person seems to have forgotten both his water bottle and mask after he was done with them — seems like he must’ve been in quite the rush.

pictures of masks 1Source

3. Double trouble

It’s always better to have someone accompany us through the highs and lows that life has to offer.

That clearly seems to be the case for this double-layered mask as well. Though it has been irresponsibly thrown on the ground, at least the individual layers aren’t alone.

pictures of masks 2Source

Here’s to hoping that the lovely pair are no longer carrying pathogens from their original owner.

4. Nasty camouflage

This face mask seems to have mastered the art of camouflage as it successfully blends with its surroundings — almost as if it’s trying to conceal itself from a manhunt like the former fugitive whom the Instagram account’s named after.

pictures of masks 3Source

5. Aspiring passenger

This mask was apparently found near a bus stop. So perhaps it was merely waiting for a bus to ferry it to its next location.


6. Two masks hanging around near drain gratings

Elsewhere, a pair of crumpled masks were seen helpless lying near a row of drain gratings.

Clogged drainage systems often contribute to flash floods, so we hope they did not get washed into the sewers as a result of the recent rainy weather.


7. Travelling mask

A cloth mask from who knows where was also spotted in Changi Airport Terminal 2.

Although it managed to successfully enter our borders, we hope it didn’t bring any viruses along the journey.


Throw face masks away properly

With a pandemic going on around the world, face masks have understandably become a staple to prevent the infectious virus from spreading.

Though many of us have since adopted good hygiene practices, perhaps more needs to be done to inculcate good mask disposing habits.

We hope this Instagram account has served as a reminder for all of us to dispose of our masks away properly. After all, we wouldn’t want these sights to taint our image as a clean and green city.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook