Platinium Dogs Club Owner Faces 13 Charges, Up To $40,000 Fines Per Offence

Platinium Dogs Club Owner Faces 13 Charges For Offences Pertaining To Pet Hotel

Last year, we covered the Platinium Dogs Club (PDC) ordeal, as multiple netizens exposed their improper care for dogs over the end-of-year travel boom.

A 31-year-old woman was subsequently arrested after the authorities raided the facility.

The operator will be charged in court today (15 Jun) and faces up to 13 charges, mostly under the Animal and Birds Act.


Platnium Dogs Club Owner charged under Animal & Birds Act

According to CNA, 9 of the 13 charges are under the Animal and Birds Act. Each offence under this section of the law carries a jail sentence of up to 2 years, a fine of up to $40,000 or both.

The operator also faces 4 other charges:

  • Lying to a public servant
  • Obstructing, preventing, perverting, defeating the course of justice
  • Failure to register business
  • Abetting furnishing of false information

Platinium Dogs Club saga recall

In late-2018, the PDC saga caused public outrage when dogs were allegedly found to be mistreated at the boarding house.

Pet Boarding House Returned 2 Dogs With Wounds & Matted Fur, Claims Horrified Owners

Shortly after, more dogs were found in similar states, with one tragically passing away soon after its stay at PDC.

3 More Platinium Dogs Club Cases Uncovered By Netizens’ CSI Efforts

Singaporeans also went on a massive hunt for Prince, a Shetland Sheepdog that apparently went missing after being left at PDC.

Netizens Unite To Find Missing Sheltie From Platinium Dogs Club Saga

But the reunion was not to be, as the canine was confirmed dead roughly a week later.

Missing Platinium Dogs Club Dog Confirmed Dead; Ominous Signs There All Along

You can read the eulogy that its owners’ wrote here:

Missing Platinium Dog’s Owner Writes Heartfelt Eulogy That’ll Break Your Heart

Hope operator will be dealt with severely if allegations are true

The tales that emerged from the PDC saga were indeed troubling and heartbreaking.

If the allegations are indeed true, we hope the operator will be dealt with severely. After all, no animal – including their owners – deserve to be treated that way.

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