PM Lee Glad Many Support TTSH Staff In Light Of Discrimination, Urges Unity Amid Setbacks

Discrimination Against TTSH Staff Is Distressing To See, We Can’t Let The Virus Divide Us: PM Lee

It’s been just a week plus since a Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) nurse was found to have Covid-19, sparking off a cluster of 40 people so far.

However, it seems like a lifetime ago, given that measures were tightened in light of the cluster, bringing us effectively back to Phase 2 as of tomorrow (8 May).

In the meantime, discrimination against healthcare workers has returned, particularly against TTSH staff.

Now, no less than Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has spoken out against such discrimination, saying it’s “distressing to see”.

PM Lee with medical staff in Jan 2020

However, he was glad that many have also supported TTSH staff in light of these incidents, and urged Singaporeans to be united despite setbacks in our Covid-19 fight.

Particularly tough for TTSH staff

In a Facebook post on Friday (7 May), PM Lee said it’s been a particularly tough time for TTSH staff recently.


He referred to the discrimination they faced from the public, which makes their lives more difficult when they’re already hard at work fighting Covid-19.

Though he understood that people are fearful, such actions are still distressing for him to see.

We should stay #SGUnited despite setbacks

Mr Lee said our Covid-19 situation had improved after more than a year.

He attributed that improvement to all of us working together.


Thus, since #SGUnited helped us weather the storm, we can’t abandon that spirit of unity now when faced with a setback, e.g. the TTSH cluster.

He added,

We cannot let setbacks divide us or wear us down, because if we lose our unity, the virus has won.

Many have supported TTSH staff

On a positive note, PM Lee said many have also come out in support of TTSH staff.

Some of the good-hearted are businesses who’ve offered them promotions. For example, the Stuff’d outlet at Square 2 has offered free meals.


All it takes is words of encouragement

All it takes is some words of encouragement, so Mr Lee urged Singaporeans to send them to loved ones in TTSH.

He shared a post by the hospital that called for patients’ loved ones to send them photos and messages.


However, if your loved one is a TTSH staff, you can also send over something via Facebook private message to TTSH, and the hospital will deliver it on your behalf.

Such a gesture will surely bring cheer and motivation, Mr Lee said.

Show a little kindness

Singapore’s 1st hospital cluster is a significant blow to Singapore, especially since we thought we were out of the woods.

However, TTSH staff have borne the brunt of it.

Now isn’t the time to abandon them, so even if you don’t have a loved one among the staff, consider showing a bit of kindness when you see them in public.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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