Certis Officer In PMD Altercation Suspended As Rash Actions Aren’t Condoned

An altercation between a speeding PMD rider and enforcement officer who stopped him with a ‘flying kick’ made its rounds on social media via viral dashcam footage early this week.


The officer in question, revealed to be a Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police officer, has been suspended — his rash actions aren’t “condoned” or part of protocol.

Here’s Certis’ statement in full, posted by ROADS.sg on Wednesday (11 Dec). We summarise the key events below in what is now a police case.


Speeding PMD rider resisted repeated calls to stop

The errant PMD rider had allegedly been “riding on the road at a high speed” on 10 Dec, at around 6.40pm, approaching the junction outside Clearwater Condo near Bedok Reservoir.


According to Certis, the PMD rider “ignored repeated instructions” to halt from officers, and they feared his actions could cause “serious injuries to members of the public or himself”.


The officer who was stationed at the junction – now dubbed a ‘kungfu officer‘ by the media – “resorted to kicking his device” when the rider refused to stop.


The officer who delivered the kick has now been “suspended from active duty”, as investigations continue.

PMD rider suffered abrasions & received medical attention

This penalty comes as the rider suffered “abrasions” on his right knee & elbow, and had to receive immediate medical attention from paramedics.


Injuries sustained by the rider appear to have been a result of his device crashing onto the pavement, near the shrubs.

Cisco officer injured as well, sent to hospital in aftermath

Curiously, the officer involved was described to have been “injured” as well, in the words of the statement,

The officer was also injured, and was treated at the site before heading to the hospital for further medical assistance.

This would explain social media accounts of an ambulance on scene in the aftermath of the incident.


But instead of the rider, Cisco claims the ‘kungfu officer’ was conveyed to the hospital for further treatment.

Current protocol is to note down appearance of PMD user

To ensure the safety of both their officers & civilians, the current protocol is to “note down the appearance” of errant PMD riders who flee when pursued.

A report will then be lodged with LTA, who will follow up on the case.

Zero-tolerance for rash acts

Certis adds they have no tolerance for “rash acts” and officers who contravene strict rules will be dealt with accordingly.

This officer will be subject to an internal disciplinary inquiry, and be “suspended from active duties”, while police investigations are on-going.

Fine line between enforcement & unnecessary violence

The job of law-enforcers is never an easy one. Although the Cisco officer was brave in the face of a crisis, his actions were indubitably rash and have caused harm to himself and another person.

We hope both the officer & rider will recover from their injuries swiftly and that the incident can be resolved in a meaningful way — protecting enforcers, riders & civilians alike.

What are your thoughts on the resolution to this case? Should the officer be charged for his actions, or is the rider responsible for his attempt to evade the law?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.