Japanese Baker Turns Fish Cakes Into Pokémon, We Wanna Eat ‘Em All With Yong Tau Foo

Japanese Baker Manna Tanuki Paints Fish Cakes So They Look Like Pokémon

Yong tau foo (YTF) is a comforting dish that many Singaporeans love to have on a rainy day or when they’re searching for something less sinful.

Recently, we stumbled upon Pokémon-themed fish cake that fans can add to their healthy YTF dishes.

Made by a Japanese baker named Manna Tanuki (まんなたぬき) – @maaco414 on Twitter – these are carefully coloured to resemble our favourite anime characters.


For those who love Pokémon and hawker food, these fishcakes would allow them to have the best of both worlds.

Pokémon fish cakes get an upgrade

In 2018, Morinaga Confectionery in Japan launched limited-edition fish cakes.


Of course, hardcore fans ill notice their striking resemblance to our favourite Pokémon.


While the Pokémon snacks were love at first sight for most fans, the baker thought it needed an upgrade ‘evolution’. Now, the new-and-improved form comes with a layer of delicately-painted icing.


Naturally, the thought of fish cakes brings to mind our classic yong tau foo and steamboat sessions with family and friends. We imagine binging on soupy delights will be even better when we get to stare at these adorable creatures.


Our favourites of the bunch would surely be this Pichu and Pikachu duo, painted with shocked and tearful expressions respectively.


Large collection of Pokémon sweets

The talented baker also has a thriving collection of Pokémon macarons, cupcakes, and biscuits. We can only wonder how much work went into creating these Pokémon gumball machine macarons.


Over the CNY break, try recreating these Christmas tree cupcakes with your loved ones. Eagle-eyed fans will instantly recognise characters like Staryu, Mimikyu, and Teddiursa.


Given how gorgeous these snow globe cupcakes look, we imagine they’d sit in our fridge for the longest time as we try convincing ourself to eat them.


Pokémon fish cakes in yong tau foo

Pokémon fans can certainly take inspiration from these treats to add a sweet, unique touch to their conventional bowls of yong tau foo.

We can tell it’ll be challenging to replicate the ultra-thin icing. However, if you have extra time during the CNY break, it’ll surely be an exciting endeavour with friends and family.

If you want to get inspiration for Pokémon sweets, do follow the artist on Twitter.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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