2 Kind Police Officers Help An Old Man Cross Road In Yishun, Netizens Thank Them For Caring

Police officers come off as tough and intimidating, but they always keep citizens’ safety and wellbeing at heart. These 2 police officers definitely showed us that.

Just a few hours ago, a netizen took to Facebook to share their kind deed.

They spotted an elderly man struggling to cross the road in Yishun, and help to guide him across it.

Check out the Facebook post about them below, by Nee Soon MP Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim.

Police officers stopped their car to help

According to the Facebook post, the 2 police officers were patrolling the area in their car when they spotted the elderly man struggling to cross the road.

The man, walking with a cane, tried to cross the road where there was no traffic light. He seemed to have trouble with getting down from the pavement, too.

Without hesitation, the 2 police officers pulled over and approached the man, offering help.

One offered the man their arm

In the picture posted on Facebook, the elderly man can be seen holding onto one of the police officer as he lowers himself onto the road.

The second police officer stands to the side, ready to jump in if needed.


The police officers’ simple gesture of kindness could have gone unnoticed, but thankfully this netizen brought it to light.

Many others have praised them for their patience and service in the post’s comments.

Read on to see what they said.

Netizens praised police officers’ kindness

This netizen commended them for genuinely looking out for people in need of help, even for something as simple as crossing the road.


This netizen pointed out that the uncle wasn’t crossing the road at a designated area, and that he put himself in danger.

Good thing the police officers were around to make sure nothing went wrong.


Heartwarming to see civil servants doing their jobs well

A police officer helping an elderly person cross the road is a textbook example of a compassionate, righteous civil servant. These 2 police officers certainly deserve the praise they’re getting for helping the elderly man out.

With everyone’s focus on the medical professionals at the forefront of the novel coronavirus battle, people tend to forget about other civil servants like these police officers who work just as hard to keep our country safe.

Let’s take this as a reminder to appreciate all civil servants who uphold the foundation of society. Their efforts deserve this much commendation and recognition all the time.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.