Tanah Merah Prison Inmates Receive A-Level Results, Top Scorer Gets 5 As

Sembawang MP Praises Inmates For Taking A-Levels

Friday (22 Feb) must have been a nervy day for most students collecting their A-Levels results.

But this was especially so for 34 students from Tanah Merah Prison School, who also obtained their A-Level results.


In the end, majority of the students fared pretty well. The top scorer of the group even scored an impressive 5 As and 1 B.

Sembawang MP Amrin Amin visited the group and took to Facebook on the same day to offer praise.

Here’s his post in full:


Never-say-die attitude is commendable

According to Mr Amin’s post, 21 of the 34 students will now be able to further their studies, after obtaining their A-Level results.

Of the 21, 5 qualify to apply for full-time local university courses, while the remaining 16 can still apply for polytechnic and private degree courses.

Mr Amin praised the group of students for their tremendous effort and determination, which to him, is far more important than the results they achieved.

In his words,

All winners. Results matter, but what matters more is their fantastic effort and never-say-die attitude.

Regardless of their results, Mr Amin is extremely proud of the students for attempting the A-Level examinations as it brought out the spirit and character in them.

He also tagged the Captains of Lives Facebook page in his post, presumably to thank them for their part in preparing the students for their examinations.

Flood of congratulatory messages

Their group’s admirable effort also drew praise from netizens on Facebook.

Most netizens offered congratulatory messages to the group of students.


Other netizens also praised the rehabilitation programmes that gave these students the chance to better themselves academically.


One netizen hopes that the top scorer from the group will go on to read law and follow in the footsteps of top Singapore lawyer, Subhas Anandan.


Hope this inspires other inmates

Hearty congratulations from all of us at MS News to all 34 Tanah Merah Prison School students who collected their A-Level results.

We hope this inspires other inmates to pick up new skills to help them find better jobs and opportunities after they’re done serving their sentences.

Featured image from Facebook

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