S’poreans Can Now Call A Private Ambulance To Reach Over 100 Healthcare Centres

Singaporeans Can Use Speedoc App To Book A Private Ambulance

The sick and elderly often find it hard to visit the hospital, but this may change soon.

The Speedoc app lets users book a private ambulance to reach more than 100 healthcare centres in the city. You can book a ride for non-emergencies too.


Speedoc app could be the Grab version for ambulances. If you’re interested to book a vehicle for your elderly or sick relatives, here’s what you need to know.

Speedoc & Comfort Ambulance collab

On Wednesday (10 Jul), TODAY reported Speedoc’s tie-up with Comfort Ambulance — an ambulance service provider. The collaboration will let users get a ride from Comfort’s collection of 25 ambulances.


While it’s possible for locals to book a private ambulance by phone, it takes the vehicle at least 2 hours to reach their home. It also costs around $50 to $130.

This is where Speedoc comes as a handy alternative.

Speedoc’s chief executive officer Dr Shravan Verma told TODAY,

With our app, users requiring a private ambulance can now get an ambulance response typically within minutes.

Book a private ambulance from $120

The cost of Speedoc’s on-demand ambulance service is S$120 to S$170. It arrives within 30 minutes and pricing is based on the location or time of the demand.

Note that there could be additional charges for services such as stretchers or oxygen therapy.

Fortunately, there’s no need to stress about additional charges because the app shows the total price before confirmation.


Payment can be made through cash or card.


Request a doctor feature

If your loved one isn’t up for a trip to the hospital, you can request a doctor too.

The Speedoc app lets users request a fully licensed doctor to visit their home. There’s no no need to commute to the hospital or endure long queues.


The on-demand house call services are available 24/7 everyday — including public holidays and weekends.

Patients and loved ones can even send timely updates to their doctor through online chat.


Grab for patients

The Speedoc app may be downloaded from Google Play or iOS.

Speedoc is a part of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore’s Licensing Experimentation and Adaptation Programme (LEAP). It works with MOH to safeguard the well-being and safety of local patients.

Comfort’s private ambulances and paramedics have also received certification from MOH. The team hopes to bring down the cost of hiring private ambulances and improve the speed of the process.

As much as we love our elderly parents and relatives, we aren’t able to accompany them to the hospital 24/7. Private ambulances might be pricey, but at least you know that they’re safe and cared for.

Featured image from Comfort Ambulance and Speedoc.

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