Punggol Resident Claims Neighbour Pours Urine Out Window & Makes Loud Noises, Latter Denies Accusations

Punggol Resident Claims Neighbour Pours Urine Out Of Kitchen Window

Neighbours from hell have always existed, and stories often involve experiences that are almost too hard to believe.

Recently, a Punggol resident claimed that their neighbour pours urine out of the window of the unit above them.

They also alleged that these neighbours would often make loud noises at night, disrupting their sleep on many occasions.

Clarifying with Shin Min Daily News, the neighbour has denied all allegations, even welcoming the resident into his home to check for evidence themselves.

Punggol resident clears urine stench with steam cleaner

Ms Lin, the Punggol resident in question, has lived at Block 602B Punggol Central for six years, reports Shin Min Daily News.

Source: Google Maps

After the first six months, she noticed mechanical sounds and knocking in the mornings and afternoons.

Sometimes, she would also hear the sounds of someone running and chairs being pulled.

Sometime in 2020, Ms Lin allegedly discovered hair, cigarette butts, dust and other garbage by her kitchen window. She suspected that this was the work of her upstairs neighbour.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Ms Lin mentioned that she also noticed the smell of urine from the outer wall of her kitchen window from time to time.

She tried her best to get rid of the stench by spraying the wall with a water hose.

However, after receiving a warning letter from the authorities advising her against that, she began using a steam vacuum cleaner instead.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

The problems apparently persisted over the years, leaving Ms Lin and her husband feeling helpless as they lodged multiple complaints about their neighbour.

Neighbour invites resident into home to check for themselves

The resident living above them, Mr Xu, told Shin Min Daily News that he has been living alone since his mother passed away in April.

He added that he often leaves home early in the morning and only returns late at night.

Since nobody’s home most of the time, he says it would be impossible for him to do everything Ms Lin had accused him of.

Regarding the noises, Mr Xu suspects that they came from the pump room on the ground floor of the HDB block.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

To prove his innocence, Mr Xu filmed a tour of his home, showing all corners and proving that there was nothing producing the mechanical sounds.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Perhaps wanting to emphasise his innocence, Mr Xu also invited his neighbours to visit his home to check for themselves.

This comes after years of receiving complaints from the authorities, including a false allegation of housing illegal foreign workers.

The latter resulted in his home getting raided by authorities.

Whatever the truth is, we hope that the neighbours can put aside their differences and talk things out.

Hopefully then can they finally resolve their issues and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Google Maps.

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