Rabbits Found Dead At Admiralty Road Shortly After Being Spotted There

In the grand scheme of things, pets live such short lives and most of it is spent waiting for us to come home each day.

While some pets live a blessed life full of unconditional love, some do not.

Unfortunately, rabbit welfare group Bunny Wonderland published a Facebook post on Wednesday (28 Apr) regarding the passing of 2 rabbits passers-by had found at Admiralty Road on 27 Apr.


The rabbits were apparently already dead when adopters found them, with one even bleeding from its mouth.

Cyclists spot 2 rabbits along Admiralty Road

According to the Facebook post, Bunny Wonderland was made aware of the sighting of 2 rabbits at Admiralty Road on midnight of 27 Apr.


Passers-by were cycling in the area when they spotted the 2 rabbits. In good faith, they fed them carrots, before contacting a rescue organisation and supervising the animals’ safety.

They stayed with the rabbits for an hour but left when no help allegedly arrived.


When adopters from Bunny Wonderland learned of the sightings, they linked up with the spotters and located the rabbits.

Unfortunately, upon doing so, they found the rabbits to be dead. One even appeared to have blood oozing out of its mouth. The cause of their passing is unclear.


The kind adopters arranged for a pet cremation service with the founder of Bunny Wonderland in attendance.

There are no wild rabbits in Singapore

Concerned about the incident, the welfare group took the opportunity to remind the public that there should not be any wild rabbits in Singapore.

Any ‘stray’ rabbits are most likely abandoned pets who are in grave danger, as they can’t survive in the wild.

Should you come across an abandoned rabbit, you should quickly approach and assess the rabbit for injuries.

If you can capture the rabbit, bring it to the nearest vet and contact animal welfare groups for assistance.

But if you are unable to catch the creature, note the location and call for help any of the following places:

Pets are a lifetime commitment

Pets are a lifetime commitment and should never be something you decide to have on a whim. One must consider everything that comes with owning a pet, from the work and costs tied to it.

Even though pets may play a small part in your life, you are the pet’s world. They are sentient beings with feelings too.

We hope that we would never have to hear of such stories again, and implore pet owners to love their fur kids with all their hearts for the time they share with us.

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Featured image adapted from Bunny Wonderland on Facebook and Google Maps.