Driver In M’sia Flees After Fatal Collision With Motorcyclist, Doesn’t Notice Body On Car Roof

67-Year-Old Driver In Malaysia Flees After Fatal Collision With Motorcyclist On 23 Jun

The right thing for a motorist to do after an accident is to stop their vehicles and render help to anyone who’s injured.

However, instead of doing that, a 67-year-old driver in Malaysia fled after driving against traffic and colliding with a motorcyclist. She was apparently unaware that the rider’s body was resting on her car’s roof.

She reportedly drove for quite a distance before coming to a stop, after members of the public alerted her to the presence of the body.

Driver in Selangor gets into collision with motorcyclist

According to China Press, the accident happened in the Malaysian state of Selangor at about 9.50am on Thursday (23 Jun).

Source: Love Kuala Selangor on Facebook

The driver of the car, a 67-year-old woman, had reportedly turned at an intersection and driven in the wrong direction. A motorcyclist heading straight her way was unable to avoid a collision and crashed into the front door of the Proton sedan.

The impact allegedly threw the 26-year-old rider on top of the car.

8world News reported that the elderly driver panicked after the accident and fled the scene in the car. However, she was unaware that the rider’s lifeless body was lying on the car’s roof.

After driving for some 400 metres, members of the public alerted her to the situation and she eventually stopped her vehicle.

Footage circulating online show the motorcyclist’s body resting on the left side of the car roof, with his legs dangling on the sides of the windscreen.

The female driver also appeared distressed as a man tried to speak to her.

Source: Love Kuala Selangor on Facebook

Woman suffers from chronic medical conditions

In a subsequent update, Berita Harian quoted the Selangor police who shared that the driver in question suffered from health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

She reportedly also has kidney issues and walks with a limp.

However, it’s unclear how these medical conditions are relevant to the case.

Following the accident, the body of the motorcyclist was brought to a local hospital for autopsy. The woman also suffered minor injuries to her waist.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Don’t drive off after an accident

Though the driver’s state of panic following the accident is understandable, she should have still stopped to check on the victim if she was aware that she had collided with someone.

Even if the victim couldn’t be saved, at least his body could have been attended to promptly.

If the driver is indeed suffering from any condition that could impair her judgements, we hope she’ll receive the necessary treatment and perhaps avoid driving for now.

MS News sends our condolences to the family of the deceased. May he rest in peace.

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Featured image adapted from Love Kuala Selangor on Facebook.

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