YouTuber Criticises SGInstaBabes & Ohana Singapore Founder For Oversexualising XMMs

The social media landscape in Singapore has grown into a cutthroat business. Follower count and likes could make or break careers.

Infamously, in 2018, an Instagram account named ‘SgInstaBabes’ caused quite a stir online.


The account offered a paid subscription service on Patreon where people could pay for exclusive content.

This ranged from sexy photos to passes for their exclusive social events.

After vehement public backlash, the man behind the brand, Lai Wee Kiat, stepped away from managing the site and claimed to make a return with a more wholesome rebrand.

Ohana Singapore the alleged rebrand of SGInstaBabes

On 19 Apr, local Youtuber, Umehara Keiji , uploaded a YouTube video on his channel titled, ‘SGInstaBabe Returns? – My Opinions’.

In the 24-minute clip, he goes into detail about his interactions with Lai Wee Kiat, his experience with Ohana Singapore, and his take on their content.

He started off by detailing an anecdote he had with Mr Lai in which he was almost roped into the Ohana Singapore group through a mutual friend before connecting the dots.

The opportunity to play in an arcade for free enticed him, until he realised that he was in a group chat with SGInstaBabes’ founder, Mr Lai.

Thereafter, he made it clear that he was unaware of what he had gotten himself into and wanted no part of it anymore.

Creepy & suggestive captions

He then went on to critique the Instagram content on Ohana Singapore which he claims features the over-sexualisation of xiao mei meis (XMMs).


The comments accompanying comprise men complimenting the girls’ appearance, which is rather unsettling to say the least.

In a post that speaks like an ad for a local restaurant, the caption mentions the female subject and noted that she’s “not included” in the package.



Pandering to the brand’s target audience

Umehara subsequently highlights how the Instagram page would occasionally post pictures of girls in bikinis and low-cut tops.


But the YouTuber made it a point to mention that he thinks that there’s nothing wrong with what the girls are doing, if it’s their personal choice. After all, he believes in empowering women.

However, considering that many of the girls on the page appear rather young, he questions the page owner’s motives.

He laments that whoever’s in charge of the account “clearly knows” what they’re doing and likens this page to “SGInstaBabes but for XMMs”.

SGInstaBabes & Ohana founder defends his page

A day after the video went ‘live’, Mr Lai addressed some of the claims made in the video through the comment section.


Making his case, he asserted that the content on the Ohana Singapore Instagram page is “light-hearted”. As for any ‘sexy’ posts, the subjects were allegedly of age and had given their consent.

He empathises with Umehara and understands that his reputation precedes him. While he can’t erase the past, he claims to be open to criticism and is willing to change Ohana’s content accordingly.

Umehara himself mentions that Mr Lai has removed some problematic posts, despite their inability to come to a consensus.

The verdict is still out

The reality of it all is that the Internet is the Wild Wild West and is not governed by many rules.

Arguments can be made for both sides in this case and the answer may not be as straightforward as it may seem.

The verdict is split on this one, but what do you think of the whole situation? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and YouTube.