SIA Receives Praise For Fast WiFi & Superb Service In BTS’  ‘Bon Voyage’ Episode

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is usually recognised as the ‘World’s Best Airline’ and ‘World’s Best First Class’ Airline, but how good is their in-flight experience?

The airline received high praise from K-pop group BTS for offering fast WiFi and superb customer service during their flight to New Zealand.

On Tuesday (19 Nov), their experience was aired in the first episode of Bon Voyage Season 4 — a reality series that follows their adventures.


Here’s what they said about our national airline.

SIA receives praise for fast WiFi

The first episode of Bon Voyage Season 4 featured the members on an SIA flight headed to New Zealand.

BTS’ lead rapper Yoongi asked other members if they could take SIA all the time.


He then gushed over the fast WiFi offered in the plane.


Hoseok was surprised because they’ve never seen Yoongi so happy on a flight before.


Satay & birthday cakes

SIA offers scrumptious local delicacies to highlight Singaporean cuisine, and during BTS’ flight, they served satay.


Like a true blue local, Hoseok joyfully ate the marinated and juicy pork combined with the peanut sauce. While he had been on a lot of flights, it was his first time eating the succulent dish.


The first episode was filmed in September which was the birth month of two members — Nam Joon and Jungkook.

Many of us love to sleep during long flights so when Jungkook woke up from his nap, he was surprised to get a birthday cake.


Jungkook admitted that it was not his actual birth date so the flight attendants said that it was a special offer for customers that celebrated their birthdays in September.

He also told them that Namjoon celebrated his birthday during the month.


The boys then happily munched their cheesecakes topped with chocolates and whipped cream.


SIA continuing to do Singapore proud

The high praise from the K-pop superstars makes us proud of Singapore Airlines.

Locals in the service industry often go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. This is why we’re delighted to see that their warm hospitality was witnessed by BTS fans across the world.


Here’s to hoping BTS will also patronise SIA in the future.

How was your in-flight experience at Singapore Airlines? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Twitter.