Singapore & Malaysia Decide To Stick To Port Limits, After 5 Months Of Drama

Malaysia Will Not Extend Port Limits Or Anchor Vessels In Singapore Waters From 14 Mar

We may finally see Malaysia and Singapore’s relationship resume some semblance of normalcy, after a successful parlay with both countries’ Foreign Ministers on Thursday (14 Mar), reports TODAY Online.

Both countries agreed to go back to respecting the original port limits by 14 April, at least till new boundaries can be agreed on.


Most of us expected this outcome since we remain close neighbours – both literally and figuratively – but here’s the gist of what was discussed.

No more extending port limits by 14 April

By 14 April – aka exactly 1 month from now – both nations have promised to stop extending their port limits across what was agreed before the dispute.


Boats, ships and sea-faring vehicles will also not be placed in any of the disputed waters. Vessels that are currently parked there will have to be recalled.

Witnessed by both nations’ ministers

Both ministries representing Malaysia and Singapore will continue to work together to ensure that international laws are upheld.

Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan and Malaysia’s Minister Saifuddin Abdullah’s teams will also figure out practical ways to prevent future misunderstandings.

“Boundary delimitation”

Besides the promise of greater teamwork between both nations’ leaders, the press statement had one last thing on its to-do list.

A joint committee will be set up to examine “boundary delimitation” — basically the cheem way of saying they will finalise port limits along our shared waters.

Image courtesy of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

This will happen once all ships are removed from the disputed waters by 14 April.

If Singapore and Malaysia can’t agree on where to draw the line, the dispute may be escalated to international courts for settlement.

All is well, for now

We hope that the powers that be abide by the promises they have made today.

Let us never forget the importance of maintaining harmony along our shared straits, for the greater good of all Malaysians and Singaporeans alike.

Now, on to respecting our agreement on water prices.

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Featured image from IFAN and TODAY Online.

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