S’porean On Expired Student Visa In Australia Gets Deported For Prostitution Offences & Overstaying

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Singaporean Overstays After Student Visa Expires, Gets Deported As An Unlawful Non-Citizen

Studying in a country far from home may help build independence for some, but bring negative consequences for others.

One Singaporean woman who went to Australia on a student visa was unfortunately found guilty of offences related to prostitution.


She also overstayed her visa, and has since been removed from the country.

Singaporean woman was based in Brisbane

In a news release on Friday (19 Mar), the Australian Border Force (ABF) said the Singaporean woman in question was based in Brisbane.

That’s the capital of Queensland state, and a popular study destination for Singaporeans.


The Singaporean was also on a student visa, but it had expired.

By remaining in the country, she was considered an “unlawful non-citizen”.

Engaged in prostitution

Besides, overstaying her visa, she also took part in illegal activities, ABF said.


She was charged and found guilty of:

  1. Engaging in prostitution
  2. Knowingly participating in the provision of prostitution by another

Additionally, she also allegedly facilitated illegal prostitution.

That offence is also a breach of Covid-19 health measures, ABF added.

Removed from Australia on 11 Mar

For the above offences, as well as overstaying her visa, the Singaporean was detained by the ABF on 25 Feb.

She was then removed from the country on 11 Mar.


The ABF posted a video on Friday (19 Mar) showing them escorting her to the airport.

ABF takes illegal prostitution seriously

The ABF takes the alleged facilitation of illegal prostitution seriously, said its assistant commissioner Tim Fitzgerald.

That’s because the offence often comes with “other serious issues”.

Thus, the the agency works closely with other state agencies like the police to fight the “myriad of issues associated”.


The deportation of the Singaporean woman is an example of how strict the ABF is over such crimes.

Mr Fitzgerald also warned all non-Australian citizens that they must have a valid visa for their stay in the country.

Do follow prevailing laws of the country you’re in

Unfortunately, the woman isn’t the 1st Singaporean who has fallen afoul of the law in Australia – another Singapore student was recently jailed for importing a sex doll.

If a Singaporean is committing crimes in another country, it’s understandable for that country to protect its community by removing that individual.

So for Singaporeans who’re overseas for study or whatever reason, do follow the prevailing laws in the country you’re in.

Hopefully, Singaporeans are known to generally behave when they’re abroad, and Australia and other countries welcome us soon in the form of travel bubbles.

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