Venomous Snake Reportedly Spotted At Pasir Ris Park, Public Urged To Be Cautious

Venomous Snake Reportedly Spotted At Pasir Ris Park, Public Urged To Be Cautious

Venomous Snake Allegedly Spotted At Pasir Ris Park

Parks in Singapore are generally clean and safe while still bringing nature close to us city-dwellers.

However, as safe as our parks are, it does not hurt to stay cautious when out and about.

This need to be vigilant was highlighted when a venomous snake was allegedly spotted by a member of the public at Pasir Ris Park.

On Monday (17 Apr), a Facebook user uploaded a video of his encounter to the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group.

snake pasir ris park

Source: Facebook

Large snake spotted slithering around Pasir Ris Park

The video shows a large snake with black and white stripes slithering on the grass near the base of a tree.

snake pasir ris park

Source: Facebook

At several points in the clip, the snake props up its glossy black head while surveying its surroundings.

snake pasir ris park

Source: Facebook

There are also some inaudible voices in the background of the video. This suggests that there were people other than the OP present when the reptile was spotted.

In the caption, the OP asked other members of the group if anyone knew what kind of snake it was.

However, no other context besides the location was made clear in the post.

Facebook users think it is a banded krait

Some Facebook users who came across the post commented that the snake appears to be a banded krait.

One of them mentioned that it is a highly venomous native species and urged others to not try to handle it as it has a “potentially fatal bite”.

Source: Facebook

Another user advised the OP to contact the relevant authorities due to its venomous and dangerous nature.

Source: Facebook

There were also those who advised anyone who encounters snakes to just run as far as possible and stay away from them.

Source: Facebook

ACRES says snake might have come from mangroves in Pulau Ubin or Khatib Bongsu

Responding to queries from MS News, a representative from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) said that they did not receive any calls regarding the snake sighting.

The representative explained that banded kraits are not common in Singapore. They prefer coastal areas and generally would not venture inland.

However, their presence is rare in Pasir Ris Park, even though it is a coastal area. This is because they are shy and prefer undisturbed areas with low human traffic.

ACRES posited that the snake might have swum to Pasir Ris Park from the neighbouring Pulau Ubin. It could have also come from nearby mangrove habitats or further north, such as Khatib Bongsu.

They also emphasised that snakes in general are shy animals and will only defend themselves if provoked or harmed. Otherwise, they tend to just go about their own business without interfering with human activities.

Members of the public are urged to call the ACRES 24-hour hotline at 97837782 if this snake or any other wildlife in distress is spotted.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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