Spanx Founder Gifts Staff 2 First-Class Flight Tickets & S$13K Each To Celebrate Investment

Most employees receive a bonus at the end of the year or if the company is doing really well. While most annual bonuses amount to 2-3 times our monthly salary, a generous boss has taken it to the next level.

On Wed (27 Oct), Sara Blakely – founder of underwear company Spanx – gifted her 500 workers with first-class tickets and US$10,000 (S$13,477).

Naturally, the bonus of a lifetime stunned many of her employees.

Spanx founder surprises staff with generous gifts

Spanx founder Sara Blakely recently sold a large stake in her company for an astounding US$1.2 billion (S$1.6 billion), reported CBS News.

To announce the good news, Ms Blakely held a party with all of her employees last Wednesday (20 Oct). Though she had a lot to celebrate, she believed her employees deserved to celebrate this moment in their own way and create lasting memories.

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Thus, she surprised each of them with 2 first-class flight tickets to anywhere in the world.

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Because we often opt for nice hotels or dinners during our trip, she gave them an additional US$10,000 (S$13,477) in cash to cover their spending.

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Her employees’ were stunned and some jaws dropped upon hearing her offer.

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Showing appreciation for employees

Ms Blakely’s appreciation for her employees reminds us that they’re the backbone of every business. Apparently, many shared the same sentiment.

One netizen – who dreamed of building her own business – was inspired by Ms Blakely’s generosity. Someday she hopes to treat her employees and reward them with something very special too.


Ms Blakely realised her team worked hard to build her business and reputation, chimed another commenter. She wished the team enjoyed their upcoming holidays.


A Facebook user suggested that treating your staff well will earn you blessings 1,000 times over in return.


Kudos to Ms Blakely for her kindness & generosity

Kudos to Ms Blakely for reaching a new milestone in her career.

Though not every business can afford a first-class bonus, we can still show appreciation to our colleagues and staff in small and simple ways.

Being kind or expressing our gratitude can boost morale, and make us feel positive too.

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Featured image adapted from @sarablakely on Instagram.