Elderly Man’s Wheelchair Allegedly Stolen In Woodlands

For the differently-abled who require an aid like a wheelchair to move around, the device is almost like an extension of their own body.

So to have your mobility stripped away from you would leave one in a disastrous position, especially if the victim is an elderly person.

A sign was posted around a Woodlands HDB block telling the story of a wheelchair that was allegedly stolen and requested for it to be returned.

The wheelchair apparently belongs to an elderly man who relies on it to get around.

Black wheelchair parked in Woodlands HDB stolen

On Wednesday (2 Jun), a post was shared on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page by a netizen, who implored the alleged thief to return the stolen wheelchair.


The post was accompanied by a picture of a sign that asked for the wheelchair to be returned.

The picture is also dated 2 Jun, at 5.58pm.


According to the sign, the wheelchair was placed on the 11th floor of Block 354 Woodlands Avenue 1.

Elderly man’s only source of mobility

The sign also went on to explain that the wheelchair is the only source of moving around for the owner who is a disabled elderly.

It ends off by stating that “karma is going back to you” and a smiley was drawn to emphasize the point.

Netizens offer to donate a replacement

Hearing of this dire situation, netizens came in droves to help with many proposing different solutions to help the elderly man out.

Families that do own wheelchairs would usually have spare ones in case of emergencies and as such, many have volunteered to donate theirs.


Some have echoed the sentiments and can’t believe that one would steal a wheelchair, knowing it belongs to someone who needs it.


However, others shared a different perspective. They would like to think that the alleged thief may have needed it desperately for their own reasons to have resorted to such an act.


Kind folks queue up to help

This story while unfortunate, paints a brighter story of the kindness and humanity of Singaporeans.

Even though the wheelchair remains missing, inconveniencing the elderly, he or she will be heartened to learn of the number of people willing to help, with no questions asked.

At the current time of writing, a replacement wheelchair has been generously sent to the address in the sign by a kind netizen.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.