Japanese Boy Licks Soy Sauce Bottle In Sushiro, Restaurant Files Police Report Despite His Apology

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Japanese Student Licks Soy Sauce Bottle In Sushiro

We’ve heard of many instances of youth playing pranks in public. However, they could land in hot water if they took the joke too far.

On 29 Jan (Sunday), a video of a Japanese student displaying shockingly unhygienic behaviour in a Sushiro outlet was posted on Twitter.

The student licked the opening of the soy sauce bottle and the rim of one of the cups in the restaurant. He even put his saliva on one of the plates of sushi.

Even though he apologised, Sushiro’s parent company, Food & Life Companies Ltd, filed a police report against the student.

The student laughs & licks Sushiro soy sauce bottle

In the video, the boy first licked the soy sauce bottle before smiling cheekily and putting it back on the table.

Source: @takigare3 on Twitter

He then scanned the surroundings before grabbing one of the clean cups on the counter. After which, he licked the cup’s rim and placed it back on the counter. He chuckled to his friend with a big smile.

Source: @takigare3 on Twitter

Afterwards, he waited for sushi plates to pass on the conveyor belt beside him. He then coated his finger with his saliva before slathering it on top of one of the sushi pieces.

Source: @takigare3 on Twitter

He then showed a thumbs up to the camera as though he was proud of himself. It looked like his friend was praising him behind the camera as well.

Source: @takigare3 on Twitter

Restaurant’s parent company files police report

According to 8world, Sushiro’s parent company, Food & Life Companies Ltd, faced a severe drop in stock prices after the video was posted. Its market value evaporated by around S$160 million (16 billion yen).

This was likely due to customers questioning the chain’s hygiene standards.

As reported by The Mainichi Shimbun, Food & Life Companies Ltd. announced that it would file a police report against the student and take any other necessary actions.

The company representative also informed The Mainichi Shimbun that they have made sure to undergo thorough disinfection of the restaurant where the incident occurred.

Japanese student apologises to Sushiro

Kyodo noted that the student and his guardian have apologised to Sushiro and Food & Life Companies Ltd.

The parent company, however, will continue to take the necessary actions against the student.

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Featured image adapted from @takigare3 on Twitter

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