SUTD Students Predict Covid-19 Will End In July For Singapore & Dec For The World As A Whole

We’re all itching for answers as to when this pandemic will finally be over, and it seems like these students from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) may just be able to answer them.

The band of brainiacs used coding programmes to estimate when Covid-19 will be over, for countries around the world.


You can check it out on their website here.

SUTD students predict end of Covid-19

Using codes from Milan Batista, a mechanics professor, the students created the “predictive monitoring” system. It constantly updates itself based on the latest data that’s generated, and is able to make predictions on what measures may be taken.

They predict that Covid-19 will be over for the world by 8 Dec.


You can download their paper here for more details.

The dates predicted are just an estimate, and change as the pandemic develops, but it does aid research purposes.

97% over in Singapore by 4 Jun

According to the programme’s prediction, the pandemic will be 97% over in Singapore by 4 Jun. It’ll be completely over only in July.


This has taken into account the extended ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Currently, we’re still recording a large number of daily cases especially in dormitories, and community transmissions have yet to fall for good.

Still, there’s 5 weeks left until 1 Jun, so we just have to wait and see how things fare.

The end is near

97% over by 4 Jun doesn’t sound bad at all.

We’re not exactly sure whether this means single-digit cases daily, or all patients being discharged, but it is certainly a positive thing.

Hopefully, Singapore’s able to live up to that prediction, or even bring it forward in the next few weeks. Of course, these are merely projected data, so don’t take them wholesale.

For more accurate data of our current situation, you can visit the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Covid-19 Situation Report page, which covers number of cases and breaks them down into details like linked or unlinked ones.


We’ve already come this far, and the numbers are showing that we’ve almost made it. Let’s hold out a little longer, and just hope for the best.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and SUTD