Teo Heng KTV Studio Bedok Point Outlet Closes, Fans Can Visit 4 Other Branches

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the lives of KTV lounge goers upside-down — not least if you secretly fancy yourself as a Mariah Carey or Jay Chou.

Places like Teo Heng KTV have seen their primary business suffer, forcing them to pivot into spaces for studying or live streaming.

However, as Bedok Point is set to be redeveloped, the Teo Heng KTV branch there will also close.

Its last day of operations was Saturday (31 Jul), and owner Jackson Teo thanked everyone for their support all this time.


Teo Heng KTV still has outlets at 4 other locations including Junction 10 which is now soundproof.

Teo Heng KTV Bedok Point closes

4 years from its launch on 31 July 2017, Teo Heng KTV’s Bedok Point outlet will close.

It was then the family KTV lounge’s 10th outlet and was opened to much fanfare.


Since the pandemic, the outlet, like every other branch, has had to pivot into a study and co-working space with Covid-19 restrictions disallowing KTV activities.

It might seem like long ago now, but families and friends could gather to have a good time belting your favourite songs.


Owners thank everyone for support

The owners, in a Facebook post, thanked everyone for their continued support.

Although KTV lounges are still yet to be given permission to reopen more than a year on, they’re still hanging on.

There are 4 other outlets that customers can patronise as study, work, or party spaces:

  • Causeway Point
  • JCube
  • Star Vista
  • Junction 10

The owners hope that fans can continue to support them in these trying times.

Difficult time for KTV owners

The recent KTV cluster where nightlife establishments pivoted, often illegally, into F&B businesses, is yet another setback in reopening for those like Teo Heng.

It’s even resulted in a petition for family KTVs to be treated differently from these nightlife places.

But with vaccinations now much higher than before, the hope exists that Teo Heng and other KTV places can reopen as before eventually.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.