Traffic Cop Helps Auntie With Trolley Cross AMK Road, Motorists Wait For Both To Cross

Traffic Cop Helps Auntie With Trolley Cross Busy Junction In Ang Mo Kio

Singapore is known to be ever so fast-paced. However, there are certain exceptions that are made in order to help those in need.

On Wed (25 Nov) morning, a traffic policeman helped an auntie with a trolley to cross the street in a heartwarming moment.

Crossing roadSource

The tender scene was made even sweeter as motorists waited patiently for the duo to cross the road.

Traffic cop & auntie crossed road slowly

In a Facebook video, a motorist was driving along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 at about 10.32 am on Wed (25 Nov) when a traffic police motorcycle with flashing lights came into view.

Crossing roadSource

Since it was stopped along a turning lane, one could have mistaken the scene to be an accident at first. However, it was in fact a policeman helping an elderly lady cross the road.

Crossing roadSource

It seems she may have been caught in the middle of the road when the green man elapsed and needed some assistance.

A lorry was queueing to make a turn, but it waited patiently for both of them to cross.

Cars waited patiently for duo to cross

As the duo progressed further, the police officer raised his hand to signal cars to wait because the red man had appeared for the pedestrian crossing.

Traffic policemanSource

He even helped to guide the lady’s trolley when it went over a bump along the road.

Traffic policemanSource

The whole incident proceeded rather peacefully, without anyone trying to interrupt or cut in, showing how the roads can be peaceful if everyone cooperates to be inclusive.

Traffic policemanSource

Looking out for the vulnerable

While the drivers technically had the right of the way, we are glad to see that the motorists waited even though the road looked rather busy.

Let’s hope that other drivers will be just as patient if a similar incident occurs.

Kudos to the traffic policeman who helped the elderly lady cross the street.

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Featured images adapted from Facebook.

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