Universal Studios Japan Forbids Hugs & High Fives, Visitors Must Observe Safe Distancing

USJ Reopens For Pass Holders From Osaka On 8 Jun, Face Masks & Temperature Taking Will Be Mandatory

As Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka reopens, it announced new rules such as no screaming on roller coasters to ensure the safety of visitors amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, USJ has expanded its guidelines to disallow hugs and high-fives with park mascots and staff, according to The Japan Times.


The destination will also enforce social distancing guidelines and discourage visitors from coming too close to one another.

Meet-and-greets with mascots won’t be the same

At theme parks, many visitors, especially those with children, endure long queues to meet and greet mascots.

Once the long-awaited meet-and-greet starts, children usually give their favourite characters a warm hug and a high five.


However, it won’t be the same now, thanks to these social distancing measures.

Although we’re not sure what the future holds for these sessions, we imagine that the mascots will be able to interact with visitors only from a considerable distance.


The same goes for contact with staff members, which will be prohibited.


Visitors discouraged from being too close

Visitors who may have wanted to celebrate the end of the lockdown with a tight-knit group of friends and family, or with their bae, should note that visitors will be discouraged from being too close to one another at USJ.

While we assume that minors would be able to have close contact with their parents, the theme park has announced that patrons will be asked to stand 1m apart while queueing for attractions.


Need support when taking a scary ride? Sorry, you’ll be on your own, as thrill-seekers in roller coasters will be seated in every other row.


While face masks will be mandatory, temperature screenings will also be taken and those warmer than 37.5 deg C won’t be allowed to enter.


While the management has not described exactly how these new measures will be implemented, a theme park representative told The Japan Times,

We want to create a new way of enjoying the park together with visitors.

Entry limited to pass holders from Osaka at first

The theme park closed its doors to curb the spread of the coronavirus in February.

When it reopens on Monday (8 Jun), only annual pass holders living in Osaka Prefecture who have made reservations can visit.

Meanwhile, those who do not fall under this category will be able to visit from 15 Jun if they have booked advanced tickets.


Those from Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara and Wakayama can visit from 19 Jun.

Take note of these changes

As you may already know, Singaporeans, together with travellers from 110 other countries, are currently banned from entering Japan due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

By the time the pandemic subsides and we’re allowed to visit Japan again, it’s uncertain whether these safe-distancing measures will still be in place.

While they may be disappointing to travellers and visitors, it’s better to be safe than sorry — and we’re optimistic that these new measures won’t last forever by the time we can make it to USJ, because scientists are working hard to find a vaccine.

But if you do encounter these new rules, please respect them for the safety of everyone.

Featured image from Veltra and Lilla Green.

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