Rays Of Sunlight At Upper Pierce Reservoir Park Are Perfect For Boomer ‘Good Morning’ Messages

Hiker Photographs Sunlight Shining Through Trees At Upper Peirce Reservoir

A morning walk gives us an opportunity to appreciate the wonders of nature and the little things we ought to be thankful for.

On Tuesday (27 Apr), a local hiker immortalised this experience with an album featuring sunlight shining through the trees. The netizen shared she took the route from Upper Pierce Reservoir via a road next to PUB waterworks.

Upper Peirce Reservoir parkSource

Whether or not you’re an avid hiker, this familiar sight will remind you of rays of hope on a quiet morning — or even the scenic backgrounds of boomer-style ‘Good Morning’ texts.


Sunlight shining on a morning hike

Beams of sunlight are a common sight on our sunny island.

Though the sweltering heat may seem like an inconvenience during our commute, the daylight is a marvellous sight in our tranquil parks.

Upper Peirce Reservoir park 1Source

The gorgeous sunshine on Upper Peirce Reservoir makes our morning walks seem like a scene from a Makoto Shinkai film.

Upper Peirce Reservoir park 2Source

Cycling is a convenient way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. While we’re no stranger to the warm rays of the sun, a slight change in perspective reveals the charm in these simple moments.

Upper Peirce Reservoir park 3Source

Perhaps looking from a distance will help us appreciate Mother Nature casting a golden glow in our forests.


Rays of hope at Upper Pierce Reservoir

Ms Li, who chanced upon the sight, posted it in the Singapore Hikers Facebook group and claimed that it looked like rays of hope.

No matter how dark some moments may seem, the light of dawn reminds us to remain optimistic because better days will eventually find their way back into our lives.


As time passes, even small plants grow to bring out the beauty of our environment in the years to come.


If this picture doesn’t convince you to make a visit, we don’t know what will. Remember to bring a friend because you’ll enjoy the experience more with good company.


Here’s how to get there, so you can plan your next hike:

Upper Peirce Reservoir Park
Along Old Upper Thomson Road, Singapore
Opening Hours: 6am-7.30pm daily
Nearest MRT: Yio Chu Kang Station

Scenic pictures for wholesome ‘Good Morning’ texts

Every now and then, a local hike will bring to mind beautiful surprises from Mother Nature.

Perhaps this also comes as a reminder that we can plan a hiking trip when the opportunity arises, rather than frequenting our city’s malls.

Other than getting to appreciate our green landscapes, you have ample opportunity to take scenic pictures to spam your family group chats with.

We’re sure your mum and dad will love having new backgrounds to choose from for more wholesome ‘Good Morning’ texts.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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