Visiting Relatives After Circuit Breaker Ends On 1 Jun Still Under Review To Protect More Vulnerable Seniors

During this ‘Circuit Breaker’, Singaporeans are to stay home and refrain from visiting friends or family.

Many of us are probably dearly missing our loved ones and are most likely planning to meet them with the easing of restrictions on 1 Jun.

Minister Of National Development, Mr Lawrence Wong, however reveals that the government is still carefully contemplating the decision to allow such gatherings.


With Hari Raya around the corner, this is an especially relevant concern among locals.

Caution stems from concern of seniors’ well-being

In a virtual press conference on Tuesday (12 May), Mr Wong stated that they must heed caution in allowing such a move, according to The Straits Times (ST).

Now that we are almost 5 weeks into ‘Circuit Breaker’, many of us are hoping we can see our family members soon, including our elderly parents or grandparents who are currently self-isolating too.

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However, such cross-visits might expose our senior citizens to a higher risk of transmission even after this period.

On one hand, they do acknowledge the people’s needs to be close to their family members. On the other, there is a need to protect more vulnerable members of the community.

The government is hence taking extra caution when it comes to this decision.

Currently, Singaporeans can visit elderly relatives to help with daily affairs, if they need urgent assistance.

Hold off visiting family members to prevent second Covid-19 wave

As cities lift their lockdown measures and gradually resume normal life, a prevalent 2nd wave seems to have surfaced in some nations.

Not only is South Korea seeing a spike in cases after a man went club-hopping in Itaewon, Wuhan is also re-testing all their citizens following the emergence of new patients.

South Korean Tests Positive For Covid-19 After Club-Hopping, Sends Country Into Panic Mode

Therefore, Singapore must exercise absolute precaution when planning our post-CB steps, so we do not risk a second wave of infection.

Stay vigilant after ‘Circuit Breaker’, don’t rush to see family members

The lifting of Covid-19 measures on 1 Jun does not mean life will immediately go back to normal.

Singaporeans can expect several rules to stay in place to protect us, as the government continues to monitor the situation. So please stay vigilant and cooperative even after 31 May.

After all, we’ve already tahan-ed for 2 months, what is a while more?

Featured image adapted from Business Times.